Leapdroid: Noteworthy IT Innovator from Linköping, Ostergotlands Lan, Sweden

Leapdroid: Noteworthy IT Innovator from Linköping, Ostergotlands Lan, Sweden

Linköping, a city in the southeast of Sweden, has proved to be a dynamic hotbed for Information Technology companies. The city’s technologically-advanced environment facilitates the growth of both established corporations and new startups. Some of the most notable companies are detailed below, offering exciting insights into their fields of expertise, along with their foundational values and potential impacts on the global business landscape.

These thriving companies are part of a broader surge of tech startups in Sweden, a country that has become a significant hub for innovation in the technology sector. From healthcare to entertainment to asset management and construction, these organizations demonstrate the breadth and diversity of industries where technology has major roles.

The following analysis of these fantastic businesses not only provides an in-depth view of their work but also exhibits their expansive ambition. The goal is to gain an understanding of the potential lying within Linköping and the larger tech industry.


Founded by Bengt Nilsson and Ulf Stern, IFS has become a leader in asset management, ERP, enterprise software, IT and software. The company has dedicated itself towards designing and supplying cloud enterprise software for businesses engaged in manufacturing, distribution, maintenance of assets, and service-focused operations. With a team focused on delivering value and an expanding network of industrial expertise, IFS has cemented itself as a renowned leader and the most recommended supplier in their field. Connect with them through their Facebook, LinkedIn or via their Twitter handle, @IFS.


Fredrik Viksten and Robert Söderberg co-founded CBOT, a company operating in building material, construction, IT, real estate, and robotics. The company’s prime focus is to increase the productivity and profitability of their clients while reducing injuries through automated construction solutions. You can connect with them via their LinkedIn page.

Idea Hunt

Founded by Elia Morling, Idea Hunt harmonizes people and companies as it believes in the potential of the power of collective ideas to create a positive impact. They aim to support products and brands they are passionate about, demonstrating their belief that the wisdom of crowds supersede that of the solitary genius. Join their community of dreamers and doers on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages or follow their Twitter handle, @ideahuntapp.


Leading the industry with their AP invoice automation solutions, Medius offers cloud software solutions that automate and simplify the entire purchase-to-pay (P2P) process. With the use of their technology, they aim to drive unprecedented levels of truly touchless invoice processing, shortened lead times, provide greater control, and improve visibility of financial metrics. Follow them at @mediusgroup on Twitter or connect with them on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages for more updates.


Anders Brink and Mattias Andersson ushered in the era of digitized service with their creation, Indentive. Their company aims to become the invisible expertise that powers digital services at home or on any kind of device. They hope to offer seamless service accessibility, regardless of the screen size or device type, transforming the digital experience for all. You can connect with them on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages or join their conversation on Twitter at @indentive.

Entiros AB

Founded by Gustav Rosén, Entiros AB is a specialized partner for companies seeking sophisticated solutions for business integrations in an application network. Through their services, tools, and standards, they aim to integrate faster and smarter keeping businesses ahead in the digital age. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn or follow their Twitter handle @entirosab?lang=en.


With founder Daniel Arthursson’s passion for data management, CloudMe emerged as a European alternative to iCloud, Google and Microsoft, offering cloud service to small and medium businesses without US surveillance. CloudMe grants IT administrators control over data synced by employees, preventing potential data leakage and adhering to legal compliance with the EU Data Protection Act. The vision of CloudMe extends to becoming the internet file system or a repository for IoT, eliminating the need for physical hard drives. Connect via Facebook, LinkedIn or through their Twitter handle, @cloudme_com.


Founded by Ludvig Emgård, Spotscale harnesses the power of 3D technology to enable a new level of understanding, dialogue, and experimentation in construction projects. Their 3D models bring construction sketches to life and increase the expressiveness of communication tools. Follow their updates on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter at @spotscale.


Incorporating technology in healthcare, Worldish links non-Swedish speaking patients with physicians. The software tool enables health professionals to ask questions and provide information in Swedish, solving communication challenges and enhancing the patient experience. updates can be followed via their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Robert Forchheimer, Rolf Blom, and Viiveke Fåk, Sectra specializes in secure communication and medical information technology. They continue to innovate and excel in the medical and security sectors, with their products and solutions appreciated worldwide. Follow them on Twitter at @sectranews or connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

Visage Technologies AB

Founded by Igor S. Pandzic and Jörgen Ahlberg, Visage Technologies AB is a global provider of specialized face tracking, analysis, and recognition technology. They power hundreds of solutions across various sectors such as virtual try-ons, driver monitoring systems, security and biometrics solutions, and more. Stay updated with Visage Technologies on their Facebook or LinkedIn pages or follow their Twitter handle, @VisageTech.

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