Leapdroid: Pioneer in Information Technology Innovation from Koto, Tokyo


In the vibrant heart of Koto, Tokyo, multiple information technology and software companies shape the future of their industries with innovative solutions and products. Combining profound knowledge, expertise, and flexible approaches to tech challenges, each organization brings unique perspectives to the IT landscape. Here, we’re highlighting some of the most impactful companies headquartered in Koto, Tokyo.

The list includes a diversity of fields, ranging from artificial intelligence and software services to gaming, focusing on their broad accomplishments and the recent developments. Each company plays a pivotal role, defining the frontier of the field, turning the scenery of tomorrow’s IT world into today’s reality.

Building systems from ground-up, introducing AI robotics, or constructing safe network environments, these companies are shaping the future of technology. Let’s discover the companies making a significant mark in the digital world.

NTT Data

NTT DATA is a major information services provider and innovator, offering a broad spectrum of IT services and solutions. The company’s specializations span consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing for sectors ranging from finance to public administration. NTT DATA’s reach extends globally, with support networks encompassing 53 countries worldwide. Connect with NTT DATA through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

Nihon Unisys

As a system integrator, Nihon Unisys Group has for over 60 years been tackling customer issues and building systems that support society and industry. The company networks various businesses across different industries, providing a consistent, integrated business ecosystem. Reach out to Nihon Unisys on their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.


Founded by Yuji Shiraki, TechMagic aims at enriching everyday life by integrating AI and robotics. The firm’s first project targets the food industry, implementing a cooking robot in restaurant’s kitchen. This automation solution offers businesses the opportunity to cut down labor costs. You can connect with TechMagic on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

Cloud’s Spice

Specializing in Cloud Management, Cloud’s Spice makes important strides in the IT industry. By offering various cloud solutions, Cloud’s Spice helps businesses maximize the benefits of cloud technologies, ensuring efficient operation and growth.


KCC brings an innovative approach to the IT, Technical Support, and Apps industries. With a strong focus on user experience and consistent technical support, KCC ensures businesses can efficiently operate their apps for the user’s benefit and satisfaction.


dit Co. is devoted to building a secure IT network society. The firm contributes by offering various technology products and services.
Also, through their participation in committees and organizations related to network security in the community, dit endeavors to create a safer internet space.

Nippon Office Systems Limited

Providing clients with critical IT services, Nippon Office Systems is also offering specialized services and systems for recycling IT equipment. Founded in 1982, the company takes care of everything, planning, developing, constructing and operating information systems, offering network infrastructure construction and technical services and much more. Follow them on their Facebook page.


In the fields of finance, financial services, and IT outsourcing, TRADE ViSION is paving the way with innovative approaches. By integrating technology into their solutions, they offer groundbreaking services for the financial market. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


As the core of entertainment content production in the Bandai Namco group, BANDAI NAMCO Studios develops digital network content primarily for video games. Connect with them through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.


Founded in 2010 by Yoshizawa Takenori and Yuto Tachibana, Sonix specializes in mobile solutions, IoT solutions, and Cloud services. Follow Sonix on their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Skygate Technologies

Founded in 2020 by Takanori Awatsu, Skygate Technologies aims to deliver large volumes of data from observational satellites to the earth and integrate the network into the web architecture. Their motto is “Make Space accessible on the Web”. Connect with Skygate Technologies through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts


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