Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation from Los Gatos Tech Hub

In the heart of Silicon Valley, Los Gatos, California has become home to a slew of innovative software companies. This lively town hosts headquarters for established companies and emerging start-ups alike, each contributing to the landscape of the global software industry. In this article, we will introduce you to several software companies based in Los Gatos, highlighting their unique contributions to the field.

Whether you’re a seasoned software professional, an enthusiastic tech hobbyist, or simply an individual interested in the vast landscape of digital tech, these companies embody a diverse range of software applications. From consumer electronics to information technology, these organizations are truly representative of the industry’s dynamism and variety. Let’s delve into the unique profiles of some of these companies.

We not only take a closer look at what these companies do but also who they are, their founding members, and how they are changing the face of technology. Carefully gather insights from their pioneering work and keep an eye on them as they shape the future of the software industry.


Based in Los Gatos, Roku operates in the spheres of Advertising Platforms, Consumer Electronics, Digital Entertainment, Hardware, and Software. Founded by Anthony Wood, Roku’s mission is to power every TV in the world with its streaming platform and proprietary operating system, the Roku OS. Renowned for its streaming innovation, it delivers a coveted content selection, ease of use, and value. Find Roku on: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Yobi, a company operating in the B2B, Big Data, CRM, Electronics, Software industries, was founded by Ahmed Reza. The software centralizes all customer conversations into one inbox in a simple and powerful manner. It operates through any platform and syncs contacts from popular CRMs and social networking sites. Yobi is available on: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Led by founders Ike Nassi, Kleoni Ioannidou, and Michael Berman, TidalScale is a firm specializing in analytics, cloud infrastructure, information technology, software, and data mining. Keep up with TidalScale on Facebook, LinkedIn.


Developed by Jeff Tao, TDengine is a purpose-built popular open-source data platform, renowned for its high performance, cloud native design, and inbuilt caching. You can follow TDengine on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Infogain Corporation

Founded by Kapil Nanda, Infogain Corporation is a premier provider of global business and IT consulting solutions for High Tech, Retail and Insurance industries. Learn more about Infogain Corporation on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Sean Bowen founded DiffusionData to build intelligent real-time applications for companies worldwide. Get more insights about DiffusionData on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


At Bobidi, founders Jeong-Suh Choi and Soohyun Bae offer an efficient mechanism to test and improve AI models for AI companies. Follow Bobidi on LinkedIn.


FreedomFi, founded by Boris Renski Jr., Joey Padden, and Leon Kopelev, builds cost efficient Private LTE networks. Track the latest from FreedomFi on LinkedIn.


Aginity, established by Daniel Kuhn, Doug Grimsted, Ken Crafford, and Richard Hall, provides a platform for data integration and analytic integration to power marketing execution systems. Keep up with Aginity on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Founders Luis Remis and Vishakha Gupta created ApertureData to manage images and videos with a database specifically for data science and machine learning. Stay tuned with ApertureData on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Audible Magic

Founded by Timothy Tomlinson and Vance Ikezoye, Audible Magic provides electronic media identification and copyright management solutions. You can find Audible Magic on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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