Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Innovation in Nanshanqu, Guangdong, China

Nanshanqu, a district in Guangdong, China, harbors a prolific electronics industry with companies specializing in a range of areas from hardware to software, renewable energy to consumer electronics, e-commerce to robotics. These corporations stationed in Nanshanqu are well-regarded for their innovative strategies, exploring diverse fields, and making substantial strides in the world of electronics. Here, we take a closer look at some of these ventures leading the change.

While the digital arena has significantly diminished geographical borders, the headquarters of a company hold their unique importance, particularly in the tech sector where the local culture, policies, and incentives have a substantial influence on the products and services being developed. Hence, a company’s location can provide a beneficial context for understanding its operations, key performance indicators, and operations strategies. Nanshanqu-based companies have effectively leveraged the local environment, sustaining a remarkable balance between technology and tradition.

Throughout this series, we hope to offer valuable insights into a myriad of companies situated in Nanshanqu. In this article, we delve into eleven such companies, varying in industries and objectives but united by their shared location within Nanshanqu. The article provides an overview of each company, including its background, key services, and how it contributes to the pulsating tech scene in Nanshanqu.


Recognized as a frontrunner in the renewable energy and environmental solutions industry, EN+ caters to an extensive set of services, including EV chargers, e-mobility, charging stations, and software platforms. The company diligently addresses customer inquiries via phone, email, and online applications. You can connect with them through their website, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Serving the consumer electronics industry, INSO is an online store that sells electric portable products. From offering distinct payment options to facilitating returns and refunds, INSO eases the purchasing process for customers.

Balun Technology

Balun Technology is dedicated to enhancing product quality and shortening the development cycle. Through strategies like product timing guarantees and technical product consulting, the company addresses technical barriers and supports businesses in the electronics and service industry. Stay updated with Balun Technology through their LinkedIn page.

A creation of Michael Liu, is an enterprise dedicated to building consumer-focused solutions in e-commerce, electronics, and software. Connect with them through LinkedIn.

Jun Tian Heng Xun

Dedicating their efforts in home appliances, electronics, and power supplies, Jun Tian Heng Xun offers software and hardware solutions. They serve renowned domestic enterprise customers by developing applications for IC products and overall customized solutions.


Ding-Ze broadens its ventures into the world of electronics, robotics, and software, offering specialized services for the construction of science-focused establishments, such as tech museums and AI-controlled robot scenes.


Developed by Zhu Liwei, Smart3 caters to the tech industry’s need for high-density refrigeration systems and modular UPSes. They also offer intelligent PDUs, cabinets, and closed aisles, perfect for cloud computing, data center, and electronics demands. Keep up with Smart3’s innovative products through their LinkedIn.

Founded by Jian Ji, Wei Song, and Yixin Wang, operates in the realm of communities, electronics, and information services. Their website stands as a distinct alternative in the e-commerce industry.

YIKE Optoelectronic

Catering to the automotive industry, YIKE Optoelectronic продукцииLED lighting fixtures. They offer LED fog lights, projector lenses, and headlight kits for a comprehensive automotive LED solution.


Rooted in biotechnology and consumer electronics, SMOK, under the guidance of Junwei Ouyang, is one of the advanced e-cigarette producers of the domain. You can explore more about SMOK through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Shenzhen Roadrover Technology

Notably, Shenzhen Roadrover Technology stands at the forefront of consumer electronics manufacturing. They supply smart car machines, LCD instruments, driving recorders, and GPS dual-mode car navigation products. You can also connect with them via their LinkedIn profile.

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