Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Tech from Paris’ Software Industry

Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Tech from Paris’ Software Industry

Paris, the romantic city of lights, also serves as a technological hub to numerous software companies that are cutting edge and dynamic. These companies provide their customers with seamless solutions in the areas of Apps, Software, CRM, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Cloud-based solutions, and eCommerce. They are transforming various sectors with their innovative solutions and excellent services. Let’s journey through the city of Paris and take a look at these companies, their founders, what they do, and how they are contributing to the technological landscape.


Founded by Alexis Barreyat, BeReal is a revolutionary company in the arena of Apps, Mobile Apps, Photo Sharing, Social Media, and Software. They are adding a new dimension to social media by allowing users to post photos of their real, everyday life rather than polished, edited, and filtered versions. Connect with BeReal on LinkedIn and follow them on @bereal_app.


Sendinblue, founded by Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma, is a software company specialising in digital marketing. They have designed a cloud-based digital marketing platform to engage businesses with their customers, offering robust tools for targeted marketing campaigns, transactional messaging, and marketing automation. Follow Sendinblue on Facebook, @sendinblue, and LinkedIn.


Zenly, an app company founded by Alexis Bonillo and Antoine Martin, have launched an app that allows friends and family to track each other in real time. Zenly allows its users to share their location privately, helping to simplify their lives. Learn more about them on Facebook, @zenlyapp, LinkedIn.


Yubo, fondly referred to as the Snapchat for the next generation, was founded by Arthur Patora, Jérémie Aouate, Sacha Lazimi. The Yubo app provides a platform for the Generation Z to create live video spaces for discussions. Follow Yubo on Facebook, @yubo_app, LinkedIn.


Mirakl, the brainchild of Adrien Nussenbaum and Philippe Corrot, is a SaaS platform that helps businesses launch marketplaces faster, grow bigger and operate with confidence. Keep track of Mirakl on Facebook, @mirakl and LinkedIn.


Shadow was birthed by the vision of Asher Kagan, Emmanuel Freund, and Stéphane Heliot. Their company provides cloud-based high performance computer services, taking care of the issue of hardware obsolescence with the continual advancement of technology. Follow Shadow on Facebook, @shadow_official and LinkedIn.


Alexis Normand, Arnaud Delubac and Matthieu Vegreville founded Greenly with an aim to keep the carbon accounting for SMEs simple and intuitive. Follow Greenly on Facebook, @greenly_fr and LinkedIn., founded by Damien Tournoud, Fred Plais, Ori Pekelman, provides an automated, continuous-deployment high-availability cloud hosting solution. Find more information on Facebook, @platformsh and LinkedIn.


AgoraPulse, envisioned by Benoit Hédiard and Emeric Ernoult, is a leading social media management platform. Check their presence on Facebook, @AgoraPulse, LinkedIn.


Carbo, an initiative by Emmanuel Watrinet and Simon Létourneau, provides a Decarbonization Platform for SMB/SMEs in Europe. Follow Carbo on Facebook, @carbo_fr, LinkedIn.


GitGuardian was founded by Eric Fourrier and Jérémy Thomas. They solve the issue of secrets detection for Application Security and Data Loss Prevention. Stay updated with GitGuardian on Facebook, @GitGuardian, LinkedIn.

In conclusion, Paris is undeniably more than just a city of romance and elegance; it’s a powerful and growing tech hub. It boasts an impressive lineup of software and app companies that are promising a digital future that is even more infused with technology, creativity and innovation.

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