Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Technology from Hamburg’s IT Landscape

Continuing our series on IT businesses centralized within the port city of Hamburg, Germany, this article highlights ten remarkable companies revolutionizing the tech sphere. These companies operate across various domains within IT, ranging from B2B, AI, SaaS, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and so much more. Each company stands out in its unique way, contributing to the fast-paced digital transformation we witness in our everyday lives.

Hamburg’s vibrant tech ecosystem, known for its innovative enterprises and start-ups, serves as the pivotal hub for these IT companies. The prosperous city fosters an ideal environment for these businesses to thrive, propelling Germany onto the world stage for technological advancement. Competitive, creative, and continuously evolving, the tech industry in Hamburg is a dynamic force driving both national and global digital landscapes forward.

As part of our series, we’ll delve into each company’s operations, origins, and core offerings, illustrating how they are reshaping the tech landscape. These organizations depict the diverse, ingenious spirit that defines Hamburg’s thriving technology sector.


Founded by Franziska Low, Hanna Marie Asmussen, and Lisa Dahlke, Localyze provides a comprehensive software solution for relocation management, supporting international employees throughout their expatriation process. In a world where globalization reigns, Localyze makes it easy for companies and their employees to navigate international journeys, offering support from visa application to cultural integration. With a personalized dashboard and tailored updates, employees have everything they need right at their fingertips.

Follow Localyze:

Twitter: @localyze_team
Facebook: Facebook
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Created by Lucas Bremer, Mark Heitmann, Peter Aschmoneit, and Thomas Fandrich, quantilope automates consumer research, unlocking high-quality insights in speed and ease. Their advanced AI-driven Insights Automation Platform supports data-driven decision-making and is honored as the #2 top provider for consumer research in recent industry reports. Offering solutions in brand awareness, market segmentation, advertising testing, and more, quantilope serves over 300 brands globally.

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Twitter: @quantilope
LinkedIn: LinkedIn


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