Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulation Technology from King of Prussia PA

From innovative start-ups to established tech giants, the town of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is home to a diverse range of companies in the Information Technology Industry. Located in the heart of Montgomery County and at the apex of the Greater Philadelphia area, the town is a robust tech hub that supports a vibrant and diverse community of tech enterprises. This article features a selection of these significant companies, providing an overview of their core services and the innovative solutions they offer.

New advancements in technology continue to drive business efficiency and productivity, leading to competitive advantages, particularly for companies operating in the software and apps development sectors. The breadth and diversity of the companies headquartered in King Of Prussia reflect the myriad ways in which technology is impacting various industries – from risk management, e-commerce, and IT services to healthcare, marketing, and cloud management.

This article presents a comprehensive profile for each of these enterprises, including their founders, description of operations, and contact information. These narratives highlight the innovative spirit, prevailing dynamism, and potential opportunities available in King of Prussia’s tech scene.


Founded by Marc Buyse, CluePoints is a leading company in the Information Services, Information Technology, Risk Management, and Software industries. Operating in the arena of Risk-Based Monitoring and Central Statistical Monitoring, CluePoints uses unique statistical algorithms to ensure the quality, accuracy, and integrity of clinical trial data. Its innovative solutions significantly reduce overall regulatory submission risk. You can learn more about the enterprise’s innovative solutions on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.


Quantic, founded by Nikki Kaushik and Vigyan Kaushik, is a cloud-based point of sale platform that provides custom and intelligent data-driven solutions to business owners. The E-Commerce, Information Technology, Point of Sale, Restaurants, Retail, and Software company offers various options such as brick-and-mortar, self-ordering, kiosk, eCommerce, and browser-based services. Find out more about Quantic on their Linkedin and Facebook pages.

Nocopi Technologies

Engaging in the development and distribution of document security products, Nocopi Technologies is a Marketing Technology company that was founded in 1983. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States.


As a provider of managed cloud hosting, online backup, and virtual disaster recovery services, Xtium, started by Peter Ritz and Tim Vogel, offers enterprise-class virtualization, servers, storage, and WAN accelerations fabric. The company is notably one of only three companies certified to be a hosting service provider for VMware, SAP, and Riverbed. Connect with Xtium on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.


Providing technology-driven solutions for the secure, compliant, and efficient exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI), MRO, established by David Borden and Stephen Hynes, is a leader in health information exchange and disclosure management. Keep up to date with MRO activities on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.


Operating in the Information Technology, SaaS, and Software industries, Benefit Allocation Systems (BAS) provides tailor-made solutions for their clients. To learn more about BAS, visit their Linkedin and Twitter pages.


Founded by David Lawrence, RDC is a trusted provider of risk alerts and continuous monitoring for improved protection and performance. They equip companies across a range of industries with comprehensive data and trained analysts. You can stay connected with RDC on their Linkedin and Twitter pages.


Created by Ken Hovland Jr, ReminderMedia offers services in Advertising, Consulting, Information Technology, Legal, and Marketing. To understand more of what ReminderMedia does, visit their Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Zodiac Solutions

With its operations in IT Management, Management Consulting, Software, and Software Engineering, Zodiac Solutions is an important part of the tech scene in King Of Prussia. Stay connected with Zodiac Solutions on their Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

AccessIT Group

Founded by Joe Luciano, AccessIT Group offers personalized services in the Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Security industries. Keep yourself updated with AccessIT Group's developments via their Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Liberty Personnel Services

Offering services that cater to businesses and individuals, Liberty Personnel Services was founded by Chuck LaBenski. You can learn more about what Liberty Personnel Services offers on their Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

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