Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulator Solutions from Delhi’s Tech Hub

Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulator Solutions from Delhi’s Tech Hub

Delhi is home to a collection of pioneering tech companies that continue to make their mark in the electronics industry. These companies leverage modern technologies to offer various products and services that address both consumer and enterprise needs. Here, we take a closer look at prominent electronics companies headquartered in Delhi and the exceptional work they are doing in this sphere.

The following companies stand out for their innovative solutions, dedication to quality, and significant contributions to the local and global electronics industry. Their efforts span across manufacturing, consumer electronics, e-commerce, and more, with each organization bringing unique solutions to common and uncommon problems.

While each company exhibits its unique strengths and industry focus, they collectively contribute to the thriving electronics and tech landscape in India’s capital, paving the way for future innovations in this space. Here are essential details about each one of them.


Based in Delhi and operating in the electronics, manufacturing, and service industry, Mekr serves as an on-demand manufacturing platform for the electronics industry. You may learn more about Mekr’s team, projects, and achievements on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Sandeep Aggarwal and Vipin Aggarwal, Candes is a consumer electronics company providing a range of affordable home and kitchen electrical appliances. The company manages operations in consumer electronics, e-commerce, retail, and shopping fields. You can follow their latest news and provide feedback on the company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Transaction Solutions International (India) Pvt Ltd

Founded by mohnish kumar, TSI India specializes in electronic surveillance, payments, and managed IT services. Find more information about the company’s business lines and vast industry experience from their LinkedIn profile.

Massive Mobility

Co-founded by Animesh Srivastava and Shailesh Vickarm Singh, Massive Mobility is dedicated to building solutions for electronic vehicles. The Delhi-based company is a pioneer in the electric vehicle, electronics, green tech, sustainability, and transportation sectors. They share updates on their projects via their Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

Andor Communications Private Limited

Andor Communications is an imaging and AI enabler technology company intent on improving mobile solutions. Founded by Naveen Mishra, Nitin Gautam, Onkar Mishra, and Sharad Shankar, the company’s ground-breaking work encompasses apps, Artificial Intelligence, computer, electronics, Information Technology, iOS, and software sectors.


Labforth offers a software solution for pathology lab management and marketing, developed by founders Bhavishya Wadhawan and Udit Mahajan. Track their exciting progress and recent developments via their Twitter page.

Shopy Vision

Rajesh Kumar Tuli launched Shopy Vision to tap into the e-commerce electronics market. You can shop on their online store and stay updated on their latest product additions and offerings on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


DIYguru, founded by Akash Jain, Avinash Singh, and JASKARAN MANOCHA, is a distinguished future mobility upskilling platform in India. They invite you to follow their journey on Facebook and their official LinkedIn page.

New Age Electronics

New Age Electronics, specializing in the electronics industry, is another Delhi-based company contributing to the sector’s growth in the region.


ThinkRobotics is focused on manufacturing machinery components for the electronics industry. They share insights and updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Founded by Asis Singh, Uboard is a pioneer in the personal electric mobility world. The Delhi-based startup is recognized for its extensive range of EV and EV toy products. You can learn more about their offerings via their official Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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