Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulator Technology from Oak Brook, Illinois

Located in Oak Brook, Illinois, a host of innovative software companies are making their mark across various industries. Ranging from healthcare to advertising, retail, IT, manufacturing, and e-commerce, these companies are operating at the cutting edge of technology and business solutions. As we delve deeper and explore each company, we will discover how they became leaders in their respective domains.

In this list, we will explore the journey of companies utilizing technology to bring about changes in fields like healthcare, communications, automotive industry, manufacturing, and more. All these companies are headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, making it a hub for achieving software solutions.

The following details underline the founders who nurtured these companies, provide a brief description of the products or services they offer, and provide connections through their websites and social media links. From simplifying the check-in process for healthcare providers to optimizing the sales, order entry, and engineering processes through advanced software, you’ll find a broad range of solutions provided by these companies.

Health iPASS

Health iPASS, founded by Rajesh Voddiraju and Thirumal Nellutla, is revolutionizing the patient revenue cycle by streamlining both time-of-service and residual balance payments through an innovative multi-channel software solution. Health iPASS operates in the Health Care, Information Services, SaaS, and Software industries.

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OneTouchPoint, a solutions provider in Ad Targeting, Advertising, Communications Infrastructure, and Enterprise Software, aims to solve your most critical marketing, communications, and technological needs holistically.

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vAuto, co-founded by Dale Pollak, Keith Jezek, and Michael Chiovari, provides web-based inventory management solutions for automotive dealerships with innovation in Automotive, Enterprise Software, and Retail.

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Configure One

Configure One, co-founded by Daniel Howe, is a SaaS enterprise CPQ software company recognized as a market leader in the Information Technology, SaaS, and Software industries.

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Zero Friction

Zero Friction operates in the Manufacturing, Robotics, Software, and Sports industries.

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On Point Technology, LLC

Co-founded by Michael Lorsbach, On Point Technology, LLC, offers solutions in the Information Technology and Software industries.

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Techmates Group

Techmates Group, co-founded by Alex Podolsky and Laurence Ramponi, operates in the B2B, B2C, E-Commerce, Information Technology, and Software industries.

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Ultra Consultants

Ultra Consultants is an independent research and enterprise software consulting firm serving in the Consulting, Information Technology, and Software industries.

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Indusa offers end-to-end enterprise software solutions and services that deliver business results, improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. The company serves in the Information Technology, Professional Services, and Software industries.

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iTracs Corporation offers network infrastructure tracking and management, infrastructure management, enterprise software, and cable management software operating in the Data Center, Software, Web Hosting industries.

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A brainchild of Yogesh Desai, BestRx serves in the Information Services, Information Technology, Management Information Systems, and Software industries.

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