Leapdroid: Pioneering Android Emulators from Kista’s Tech Capital, Stockholm

The city of Kista, in Stockholms Lan, Sweden, is home to some of the most innovative Software companies in the world. From corporations that specialise in enterprise software, logistics, real estate, mobile technology, and more, these companies continue to redefine technology and its application in various industries. This article aims to highlight some of these transforming software companies that call Kista their home.

These companies exemplify diversity and innovation in their respective industries. Beyond software, they diversify into information technology, warehousing, real estate, telecommunications, and more. From their groundbreaking products and services to their corporate cultures, there’s a lot to learn and admire about these organizations.

In this article, we will be exploring their company details, founders, a description of what they do, and their Social Media presence if available. Whether you’re a job seeker, an investor, or just an individual interested in the software industry, there’s something in here for everyone.


eBuilder, founded by Bengt Wallentin, is a global company that takes a keen interest in Enterprise Software, Information Technology, and Outsourcing. The company prides itself on optimising and automating administrative processes for corporations and public sector agencies through IT-based business process outsourcing. Social Media: @ebuilder_world | Facebook


Fred Boström established Bitlog, a logistics consulting firm that digitizes supply chains and creates synergies in the e-commerce industry. The company offers an impressive cloud-native WMS software designed for today’s fast-paced global market. Social Media: Facebook |

Yanzi Networks

Yanzi Networks was founded by Lars Ramfelt and Stefan Sandhagen. The company specializes in Information Technology, Real Estate, and Software. Yanzi Network keeps expanding its reach, securing private investors and benefiting from the experience of its founding members. Social Media: Facebook | Linkedin


Founded by Rune Engman, Enea is a specialist in software for telecommunications and cybersecurity that serves more than 3 billion people globally. The company’s cloud-native products are used to enable and protect services for mobile subscribers, enterprise customers, and the Internet of Things. Social Media: Linkedin


Antmicro operates in the CRM, Information Technology, Robotics, Software, and Virtual Reality sectors. While the company has been quite versatile in its operations, it projects a strong presence in robotic solutions. Social Media: Facebook


Proact has established itself as Europe’s leading Independent storage integrator and cloud services enabler. This company has been delivering business agility since 1994 and helps organisations across the globe reduce risk, reduce cost and most importantly deliver flexible available and highly secure IT services. Social Media: Facebook | Linkedin

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