Leapdroid: Pioneering App Innovations from Winterthur, Zurich’s IT Hub

Switzerland is renowned globally for many things, from Swiss watches to delicious Swiss chocolate. However, the landlocked country is also home to a vibrant Information Technology industry, with several successful companies headquartered in Winterthur, Zurich. In this series of articles, we will explore these cutting-edge IT firms that are steadily transforming the digital landscape, not just in Switzerland, but worldwide!

From Artificial Intelligence to Logistics, these companies are operating in various IT sectors. Their innovative solutions are significantly contributing to technological progress and pushing the boundaries of what the digital world can achieve. In this specific piece, you will get to explore the profiles of several Winterthur-based IT companies. Each profile contains short descriptions, links to the companies’ websites and the founders’ bios.

So, whether you’re looking for potential collaborators, job opportunities, or simply keeping an eye on the IT scene in Winterthur, this is your go-to resource. Let’s start our exploration!


Founded by Aaron Richiger, Benjamin von Deschwanden, Martin Keller, and Patrick Emmisberger, Acodis operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Document Management, Information Technology, and Machine Learning sectors. The company’s innovative technology enables the conversion of any document into structured data in mere seconds. The machine learning engine mimics the human ability to read and comprehend documents, making processes more efficient and reducing error rates. Visit Acodis on LinkedIn and Twitter.


LuckaBox is a carrier-independent delivery experience platform founded by Aike Festini and Maite Mihm. The company operates in the Delivery, E-Commerce, Information Technology, Logistics, Retail Technology, SaaS, and Supply Chain Management spaces. Their solution standardizes delivery information, bringing transparency to logistics operations and enhancing customer experience. Follow LuckaBox on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Founded by David Sager and Lars Sager, Contactify is a networking service provider that combines digitalization and efficiency to foster interaction amongst the users. Stay updated with Contactify on LinkedIn.

Appletree CI Group

The Appletree CI Group operates as a specialized CRO in ophthalmology and medical device investigations. They offer global regulatory affairs services and are present in 11 different European nations. Find them on LinkedIn for further information.

Rocket Health

Christoph Baumann and Diana Hardie founded Rocket Health, an innovative electronic medical records provider optimized for tablet use. Their solution allows for mobile documentation throughout the entire treatment process. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Netcloud, founded by Marc Schuerch, is a highly reputed IT service provider. Keep up with Netcloud’s updates on LinkedIn.


Dermolockin is a startup that develops and commercializes thermography-based systems for medical applications. Get more information about them via LinkedIn and Twitter.


Explore WellDev, an Information Technology and Software provider, through and LinkedIn.


Proinity, an IT services company, focuses on security & network technology. They provide operational efficiency and expertise.


Eduwo houses a platform where Swiss students can exchange experiences about studies, training, further education, and careers. Engage with them via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Crosswind provides location intelligence, geo-enabled business processes, geo-analytical services, GIS development, and geocoding services. Discover more on LinkedIn.

These Winterthur-based IT companies, with their revolutionary products and services, are truly putting Switzerland on the global IT map!

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