Leapdroid: Pioneering Graphic Design Software Innovations in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

In the heart of Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, lies a buzzing hub of graphic design businesses each adding a vibrant stroke to the city’s innovative tapestry. From 3D technology to social media and marketing, these trailblazing firms are working up captivating spirited solutions and pioneering new paths within their respective industries. The following companies are based in Edinburgh and are taking the graphic design industry by storm.

Pufferfish was founded by Will Cavendish and is a world leader in digital display technology. Their work includes designing unique visualisation and engagement solutions for a global customer base that includes companies like AT&T, Audi, The BBC, and Honeywell. Their product family includes the world’s first commercial interactive sphere, hemispherical displays, and a powerful proprietary software platform.

Holoxica, founded by Dr. Javid Khan, Graham Dodgson, Michael Castle, Wendy Lamin, is an award-winning high-tech company specialised in holographic 3D visualisation solutions which do not require glasses or headsets. Their vision is bringing real 3D to life.

Focused on gamifying the world, Drimify enables anyone to create gamification experiences for any audience, without needing coding skills. This platform is innovative and approachable, aiming to break down borders and connect people in a positive and meaningful way.

Touch, founded by Martin Naylor, is a company operating in Graphic Design and Social Media. More information about touch can be found on their website.

Specialised in Graphic design, Photography, SEO, Fearless Creative is an Edinburgh-based firm set on creating compelling visuals for brands. More about the company and their work can be found on their website.

A company known for its expertise in Graphic Design and Video is KLAKLAK.

Moo Web Design found their niche in Graphic Design and Web Design. They’re an Edinburgh-based company.

A multitalented firm operating in areas of Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, Web Design, Drimlike Creative Digital Agency is making an impact in the industry.

Another notable company is Signage, which is skilled in Consulting, Digital Signage, Graphic Design.

The Nth Degree, a company proficient in Graphic Design, Marketing, and Web Design.

Last but not least, Mamook Graphics, an Edinburgh based company dealing in Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Graphic Design.

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