Leapdroid: Pioneering Information Technology Innovation from Mohali, Punjab

As the global hub of Information Technology continues to expand, many emerging companies are carving out their paths in various regions. One such area that has drawn our attention is Mohali, Punjab, India, where many innovative companies have found a fertile ground for their growth. These companies are truly astounding in their ability to leverage technology to solve real-world problems and improve business operations. Let’s delve deeper into some of these remarkable companies.


Kicking off our list is Vitraya, an insuretech startup founded in 2019 by Mrinal Sinha. This company builds a healthcare claim settlement platform for hospitals, healthcare providers, and insurers. In these challenging times, Vitraya’s innovative solutions are making a significant difference in the healthcare sector with their use of blockchain technology. Know more about them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Abhishek Chaudhary, DataKund is another great company making waves in the IT and Web Development field. By specializing in building automation bots for different web portals and mundane tasks, they have significantly improved day-to-day office tasks. They provide free consultation regarding work automation. Be sure to check them out on their Facebook page and on LinkedIn.

LBM Solutions

Committed to Blockchain and Web Development, LBM Solutions, founded by Rampawan Kumar, delivers strong IT solutions. They genuinely understand the value of seamless, robust, and secure IT systems. Their Facebook and LinkedIn pages give more insight into their work.

Nemesis Labs Inc.

Focusing on Consulting, Education, and Software, Nemesis Labs Inc., led by Anindya Chakrabarty, is a private technology company that deals with Web Development, Graphic Designing, Branding, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence. With ambitious plans, this company is committed to driving innovation in the IT field.

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smartData Enterprises

Founded by Ajay Tewari and Tom Beagle, smartData Enterprises has been a leading global contract software consulting organization, delivering client expectations and timelines for the past 20 years. From global logistics to healthcare, they have delivered over 8000 projects in the global market. You can find more about them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Alphanumeric Ideas Private Limited

Founded by Rajinderpal Singh and Zippinderpal Singh, Alphanumeric Ideas Private Limited has been dedicatedly working towards maximizing the growth of businesses from different industries. The firm has a lot of case studies marking its success in fields such as apparel, fashion, and retail. More information about the company can be found on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Wise Reputation Maker Pvt. Ltd

On top of serving as a leading SEO, Wise Reputation Maker (WRM) stands as a versatile digital marketing agency in Mohali. Their solutions cover various sectors, including Android, Apps, Web Design, and more. Stay connected with them via their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Sage Titans

Founded by Amit Sharma and Rajiv Sharma, Sage Titans is a data-driven marketing agency that helps businesses thrive in the disruptive digital landscape. Their scientific approach to digital enablement and transformation provides actionable business insights. Follow them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

DigiMantra Labs

Founded by Sachin Khosla, DigiMantra Labs is a technology solution providing organisation. They have been helping clients globally to deliver world-class solutions for over a decade. Follow them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Akira AI

Founded by Jagreet Kaur Gill, Akira AI specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Offering advanced technology solutions, they are shaping the future of AI and IT. More information about the company can be found on their LinkedIn page.

From customer service to healthcare, these distinguished companies in Mohali, Punjab, India are setting a high standard in the IT industry. Stay tuned as we continue highlighting the rising stars of the global IT world.

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