Leapdroid: Pioneering Information Technology Solutions from Greenwood Village, Colorado

Leapdroid: Pioneering Information Technology Solutions from Greenwood Village, Colorado

Welcome to Leapdroid’s saga on recognizing tech and IT companies thriving in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Nestled in a vibrant locale, these organizations are pushing the boundaries of global tech innovations. This article provides an incisive overview of several companies that are setting a blistering pace in the tech industry. From creating robust cloud systems to developing advanced cybersecurity methodologies, these companies are at the core of shaping the future of IT interactions.

In recent years, Greenwood Village as a tech hub has seen exponential growth, further establishing Colorado’s presence in the American tech landscape. As we look at this native tech galaxy, it becomes apparent how these companies have contributed uniquely to the IT industry’s growth narrative. With offerings that are diverse yet interwoven in their commitment to tech excellence, these companies command attention and respect in global IT circles. Without further ado, discover these companies that are reinventing the tech and IT landscape.

Immerse yourself in the inspiring stories of these companies’ origins, their offerings, and the genius behind their creations. These organizations’ pioneering work in the tech sphere is a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation and success that Greenwood Village, Colorado, represents.

Morpheus Data

Deemed a titan in the cloud computing industry, Morpheus Data was founded in 2015 by Jeffrey Drazan. The company provides a unified platform to manage multi-cloud and hybrid IT systems, helping DevOps teams streamline their work processes. Morpheus Data provides a one-stop solution for application lifecycle management, provisioning, backup, logging, and more. Connect with them on Twitter, and LinkedIn


As a frontrunner in cybersecurity, InteliSecure, founded by Chuck Bloomquist and Robert Eggebrecht, is a Managed Security Service Provider known for its innovative hybrid methodology combining expert human intelligence with its proprietary Critical Asset Protection Program. Their services provide top-notch data security and compliance solutions, reducing IT strain and preventing data loss. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


myStrength, established by Matt Sopcich and Scott R. Cousino, is a digital platform aimed at supporting mental health. By providing easily accessible, stigma-free digital resources complementing other forms of mental health care, they offer support and tools for real, lasting change. Keep up with their updates on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Digital Gaia

Advancing agricultural improvement at a rapid rate, Digital Gaia focuses on using AI-powered digital twin technology to measure and optimize agricultural project performance. They strive to ensure food security while maintaining biodiversity and promoting ecological balance. Get more insights about them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Renowned for its customer journey management solutions, BryterCX enables organizations to capture an omnichannel view of their customer data. They offer valuable actionable insights in near real-time, allowing businesses to gain a significant competitive advantage. Stay tuned to their latest announcements on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Adventos Corporation

Designed by Mariano Delle Donne, the SmartForce™ Agency Management System (AMS) of the Adventos Corporation helps improve the efficiency and connectivity of municipal governments and public safety agencies. User-friendly, mobile, and secure, AMS forms the backbone of their operations. They are on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Patient Forecaster

With founders Jeff Wadsworth, Mark Hallman, and Seth Podolsky at the helm, Patient Forecaster offers an AI-powered precision staffing platform for the healthcare industry. Their innovative system ensures optimum staffing in emergency departments and urgent care facilities, ensuring efficient patient care. They are also on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Flexential, co-founded by David Jones, thrives on human touch in a digital world. They focus on providing IT transformation solutions that focus on people more than infrastructure. Their mission is to enable customer success through tailored, value-added, reliable technology solutions. Stay connected on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


KoreLock specializes in developing embedded PCB solutions for smart lock manufacturers to accelerate time-to-market while reducing costs. KoreLock is fast becoming a global leader in delivering turnkey solutions in the embedded smart lock technology field. Stay up to date with their developments on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Rob Burkholder, NexusTek is a reliable resource for small and medium-sized businesses for optimizing and managing their IT environments. They are committed to driving productivity and ensuring business continuity by deploying technology best practices. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Email on Acid

Co-founded by John Thies and Michelle Klann, Email on Acid offers comprehensive email testing, troubleshooting, and tracking frameworks. Their tools enable businesses to preview emails across devices and reduce deliverability issues. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, this definitive list of tech companies stands as a testament to the bustling IT scene in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Each of these companies is shaping an exciting future for the IT industry, delivering innovative solutions that are transforming business operations worldwide.

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