Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Emulator Innovation in Edinburgh’s Tech Sector

Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Emulator Innovation in Edinburgh’s Tech Sector


This article is part of a series that highlights innovative companies in the Computer industry. This focus is on companies operating in Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. This ancient city is home to a thriving technology scene, with numerous businesses working on cutting-edge developments and revolutionising industries. These companies are renowned for their cutting-edge technology, unique approach to business, and their contribution to the tech landscape globally.

The Edinburgh technology scene is not exclusive to giant companies but features a diverse mix of small and medium-sized businesses too. From pioneers in medical imaging to providers of innovative software products, these companies continue to make breakthroughs that have a significant impact in various sectors. Here is a look at some of them:

Each of the companies featured in this article has a unique story. The founders have made significant efforts to establish their businesses and face the challenges associated with operating in a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry. Here are detailed profiles of each company:

Blackford Analysis

Founded by Ben Panter, Blackford Analysis develops software products that accelerate the comparison of medical images. With products designed to integrate directly into any image viewer, the company works seamlessly within existing systems to increase productivity. Blackford’s tools use cutting-edge algorithms and take advantage of multi-core processing technologies. They work in partnership with various imaging system providers, companies outside diagnostic imaging, and have sales offices in both the UK and the USA. (Facebook | Twitter| LinkedIn)


PureLiFi, founded by Harald Haas and Mostafa Afgani, develops technology for communication networks that integrates data and lighting utility infrastructures. The company’s device converts the beam of lights into an electrical signal, which is then converted back into data. Founded in 2012, it is headquartered in Edinburgh. (Facebook | Twitter| LinkedIn)


Founded by Paul Walton and Robin Knox, Boundary is working on improving the customer experience associated with home security in Europe. As part of its product rage, the company is developing a camera that incorporates machine vision and edge processing for 24/7 threat detection. (Facebook | Twitter| LinkedIn)


Foued by David Calder and Nathan Dornbrook, Adarma offers products and services to address threat management, data security, and analytics challenges. The company’s products are designed to provide threat assessment, vulnerability management, and risk protection. (LinkedIn | Twitter)


Founded by Matthew Lanham, GeckoLabs offers AI-powered conversational messaging and visit experience platforms to educational institutions. These platforms enable schools to create sophisticated, multi-channel event playbooks and communicate with students effectively. (Facebook | Twitter| LinkedIn)


Founded by Patrick Clover, Stampede provides businesses with customer insights and enables them to create effective automated marketing campaigns. The company also provides Wi-Fi users a safe and quick connection, without the need for passwords. (Facebook | Twitter| LinkedIn)

Cyan Forensics

Cyan Forensics, founded by Bruce Ramsay and Ian Stevenson, builds technologies to help law enforcement, social media companies, and cloud providers find and block harmful content. Their technological innovations are designed to safeguard the online community. (Facebook | Twitter| LinkedIn)


Frustrated with the state of the ticketing market, founders Peter McNaught and Tony Davey established Red61. Driven by a desire to create a different kind of ticketing solution, the company aims to create long-term collaborative relationships with its clients. (Facebook | Twitter| LinkedIn)


Founded by Alexander Enoch, Robotical™ is a startup based in Edinburgh, UK. They designed a low cost walking robot that’s fully programmable, wifi-enabled, and really customisable and upgradeable. Perfect for kids, makers and educators to get stuck into robotics. (Facebook | Twitter)


Symphonic, the provider of Intelligent Authorization, was founded by Frederick James and Niall Burns. Launched in 2014, the company’s aim is to revolutionise the way organizations govern the access to digital resources. (LinkedIn | Twitter)


Founded by Adrian Wills and Paul Reid, Trickle is a dynamic software company. Though no detailed description of the company was provided, they have a robust community on various social platforms. (Facebook | Twitter| LinkedIn)


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