Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Gaming Innovation from Budapest’s Tech Scene

Located in the heart of Europe, Budapest, Hungary is a burgeoning hub for innovation and technological advancement. Known primarily for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and hot springs, Budapest is also home to a number of cutting-edge electronics companies, many of which are making significant strides in their respective industries. These companies illustrate the breadth and depth of the innovation ecosystem within Budapest, demonstrating the city’s evolving role in the global technology landscape.

From battery producers to software developers to manufacturers of medical devices, the companies highlighted in this survey are shaping the future of the electronics industry and beyond. Despite the diversity of their offerings, they all share a common dedication to leveraging advanced technologies and innovative practices to meet the needs of their customers, delivering products and services that stand at the leading edge of their respective fields.

What follows is a closer look at some of the most distinguished companies operating within the electronics industry in Budapest, providing an overview of each company, its founders, and the contributions it is making within the electronics sector. This snapshot of the Budapest electronics scene offers a glimpse into a dynamic and multifaceted industry that is paving the way for technological innovation in the country and throughout the globe.


Founded by Agoston Loth and Levente Bakos, LabShare operates in the automotive, battery, electronics, information services, manufacturing, marketplace, and software industries. The company connects manufacturers with laboratories, offering a cloud-based marketplace that digitizes the product testing and certification process. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Andrew Winter, Greg Schlotter, and Marcel Pal founded Brewie, a research and development company focusing on innovative technologies in the beer industry. Brewie’s mission is to create novel, state-of-the-art products through its brewing machines. Find Brewie on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Adam Lipecz and Andras Hollo founded Codie, a software, and robotics technology company in the consumer electronics, hardware, robotics, software, and toys industries. Codie uses a graphical programming interface meticulously developed by the brand for touchscreen devices. It’s also available on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Adam Miklosi and Daniel Fekete, Poizo operates in the electronics and hardware industries.


Created by founders Gabor Koltai and Zoltan Poczai, ulockme specializes in the consumer electronics, electronics, mobile apps, security, smart building, smart home, and wireless fields. Also known for being the most secure Bluetooth smart lock, which can control your locks and electronic devices via smartphones wirelessly. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Located in the Consumer Electronics field, Remootio maintains an active presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.


ASK-M Instrument Planner, Producer, and Service Ltd operate in the consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing, manufacturing, and medical device industries. The company develops and manufactures fine mechanical and optical devices.

Delta Informatika

Founded by István Hartmann, Delta Informatika is in the electronics, information technology, software, and wholesale spaces. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

TDK Electronics

TDK Electronics is a stalwart in the electronics, industrial manufacturing, and manufacturing industries. Interact with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


DesignSoft operates in the consumer electronics, education, electronics, and software sectors. Also available on Facebook.


Easy-Shop is a player in the consumer electronics, consumer goods, and e-commerce fields. Check them out on Facebook.

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