Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Gaming Software from Doksansadong’s IT Sector

Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Gaming Software from Doksansadong’s IT Sector


The Information Technology industry is a rapidly growing field with an increasing number of dynamic companies shaping its future worldwide. One such place where innovation is thriving is Doksansadong, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, South Korea. A tech hub known for its vibrant energy, this district is home to numerous forward-thinking companies. This article shines a light on several such companies aiming to revolutionise the IT domain from this remarkable corner of the world.

From gaming to healthcare, from blockchain technology to software development, these companies represent a broad spectrum of the IT industry and are passionate about employing sophisticated technologies to transform the world around us. Not only do these companies possess an impressive array of innovative solutions, but they also play a fundamental role in the growth and development of South Korea’s IT sector.

Below are some of the distinctive companies based out of Doksansadong, offering a snapshot of the wide range of ingenuity and expertise lent to the global IT landscape.

Crypto Lab

Crypto Lab operates within the intersection of the Cryptocurrency and IT industry, founded by Jung Hee Cheon. Widely recognized for its revolutionary contributions, Crypto Lab continues to thrive by creating modern solutions that target different market demands.


INFINIQ is a champion in the IT and Software field, contributing to the industry with its wide array of innovative solutions. Their influence is widespread and can be seen across their vast social media presence.


In the intersection of Health Care, IT, Medical, and Software, HeSeL has stepped up and made significant strides. Their solutions help the healthcare sector leverage cutting-edge technology, making healthcare a more efficient and streamlined sector.


Founders Jiyoung Park and Young-il Lee lead GAMEVIL COM2US PLATFORM, a trendsetter in the sphere of Cloud Computing, Gaming, and IT. They continue to make their mark on the industry with their unique and future-forward gaming solutions.


Wiseworks is known for its top-tier services in IT, Software, Web Design, and Web Development. Their commitment to quality and innovation sets them apart in a competitive landscape.


RAEKOSYS is a leader in Graphic Design, IT, and Software. Their cutting-edge design solutions and technical applications are helping redefine what is possible in the digital space.


A mover and shaker in the field of Biometrics and IT, CUBOX creates first-rate technologies with comprehensive attention to security and precision.


BLUESINK is spearheading the IT, Marine Technology and Robotics industry, with innovative solutions that blend novel technology with practical applications.


EPAL is revolutionizing the E-Commerce, IT, and internet industry. Their ideas are shaping today’s digital market trends and anticipates customer requirements with a keen understanding of the e-commerce landscape.


Farmpro is navigating the realms of Health Care, IT, Intelligent Systems, and the Pet industry. Their innovative solutions are paving the way for technology to play a greater role in pet and farm animal care.


Crinity leads in the Cloud Data Services, IT, and Software industry. Their cutting-edge solutions continue to redefine businesses’ approach to managing and leveraging their data.

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