Leapdroid: Pioneering Mobile Gaming Technology from Bridgewater, New Jersey

The increased reliance on technology across a wide range of industries has led to a surge in Information Technology companies providing innovative solutions to tackle business challenges. Bridgewater, New Jersey is home to several of these companies operating in different sectors such as pharmaceutical, human resources, cybersecurity, AI, and CRM, among others. Here is a snapshot of some of these companies:


Viseven, founded by Nataliya Andreychuk, Roman Vasylenko, Slava Vasylenko, is a Global MarTech Services Provider for the Pharma and Life Sciences industry. Having over 150 Veeva-certified specialists, they deliver custom solutions for pharmaceutical communications and digital marketing transformation. The company’s expertise ranges from modular content to customer journey management, aligning tech with strategic goals.
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Co-founded by Jacob Mathew, Zealogics is a broad-range IT Consulting firm. Its services are designed to help clients optimize their business process and navigate digital transformation. Zealogics also focuses on people-related aspects, offering full-time career opportunities, and temporary assignments. Their customer-centric product strategies combined with a collaborative approach to execution make them a choice partner for Fortune 500 enterprises and OEMs.


iSmartRecruit, founded by Amit Ghodasara, is a Bridgewater, New Jersey based company specializing in CRM, recruiting, and HR tech. IsmartRecruit is at the forefront of offering innovative solutions in the HR and recruitment space.
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cyberThink Inc

CyberThink Inc, co-founded by Bhavesh Adani, James Lombardo, and Ravinder S. Thind, offers a wide range of IT Consulting and Human Resources services. With a focus on providing innovative tech solutions, the company is well sought after in the IT consulting industry.
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Kim Technologies

Founded by Richard Yawn, Kim Technologies stands tall in the AI, Machine Learning, and Information Technology space. With AI patent-pending unique capabilities, Kim is utilized by several Global 3000 clients across diverse industries.


Founded with the innovative mindset of James Horton, Datanomics specializes in CRM, IT, and software development. The company stands as a beacon of innovative IT solutions that aid in scaling businesses.


Founded by Rod Diplock, CONTROLTEK USA, well established in the Cyber Security sector, offers customized Information Technology Security solutions to counter varying cyber threats across industries.

Starfish Associates

With a broad Business Development, IT, Service Industry, and Software focus, Starfish Associates offers automation, provisioning, self-service, migrations, monitoring, license, and inventory management. For engagement or updates,
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QuaEra Insights

Larry Blakeman founded QuaEra Insights to provide top tier analytics and Information Technology solutions. The company finds itself as an industry leader supporting businesses with deep insights to drive decision-making.
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COA Network

For businesses seeking top-notch Information Services and Technology solutions, COA Network stands out. They provide end-to-end solutions that enable companies to focus on expanding their markets and developing new revenue streams.
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iCoachFirst, a leading firm in the Consulting, IT, and Software space, lends its expertise to tackle complex business challenges and offers an array of innovative solutions that revolutionize business operations.
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