Leapdroid: Pioneering Online Portals Innovations from Kharkov, Ukraine

Leapdroid: Pioneering Online Portals Innovations from Kharkov, Ukraine

Ukraine, in particular its second largest city, Kharkov, is emerging as a pivotal hub for tech and software companies making significant strides in the online portals industry. The technological prowess coupled with an untapped pool of local talent has fostered an environment conducive for companies focused on creating and improving online platforms. This a spotlight on some of the remarkable online portal enterprises rooted in Kharkov.

These companies tackle a variety of sectors, from e-commerce, online news, software development, health care, to publishing and more. They represent the profound diversity of online portal offerings, and each contributes to the rapidly expanding digital market. Here’s a look at the innovative companies that have found solid ground in the world of online portals and are boosting Kharkov’s digital identity.

In this roundup, we’ve highlighted the key details of each company including the firm’s location, industry focus, website, and social handles. While some companies have opted to maintain a low online profile, others are engaging on different social platforms.


Specializing in e-commerce, online portals, test and measurement, and the wholesale industry, Stomer is one of the standout companies in Kharkov. Their official website allows users to explore their work and innovations further.

Status Quo

Status Quo sheds light on the information services, news, and online portal industry in Kharkov, Ukraine. With a significant virtual presence, they keep users updated through their Facebook pages and Twitter handle @sq_kharkiv/.

Most It

Most It taps into the e-commerce, online portals and software industry. Their online presence showcases their dynamic offerings in their respective industry.


NEMEC operates within the automotive, e-commerce, online portals, and sales industry. They have anchored their firm in Kharkov, where they continue to innovate and expand.


As a player in the e-commerce, electronics and online portals industry, Autocompass is one of the market leaders in Kharkov.


Vetmarket operates at the confluence of e-commerce, healthcare, online portals, veterinary, and pet industries. Connect with them on their official website or visit their Facebook page.

Blossom Boutique

Blossom Boutique makes a vibrant display in the children, e-commerce, online portals, and wholesale industries. They have established their roots in Kharkov and continue to create distinctive solutions.


DOBRANICH is a renowned name in the e-commerce, online portals, and textiles industry, operating out of Kharkov. They deliver measurable results, reflecting their expertise in their field.

Petrovych Kharkiv

Petrovych Kharkiv has established itself in the building material, e-commerce, interior design, and online portal industry. As an established company in Kharkov, their impact on the industry is significant.


FAMILY LEISURE CLUB’s expertise lies in e-commerce, online portals, publishing, and Sales. Stay up-to-date with their work by visiting their website, or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Metalica plays a prominent role in information services, online portals, and publishing. Check out their website for more information, or connect with them through their LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, Kharkov’s landscape for online portal companies is both diverse and rich. Each firm listed boasts a unique vision and contributes to pushing the boundaries of innovation in their respective industry. This trend reflects a bright future for online portals coming from this burgeoning tech hub.

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