LeapDroid: Pioneering Software Development Innovation in Iselin, New Jersey

LeapDroid: Pioneering Software Development Innovation in Iselin, New Jersey

Iselin, New Jersey, United States, an area known for its thriving Software industry, is home to numerous notable companies that have significantly contributed to advancements in various sectors. This article takes a look at some of the key Software companies headquartered in Iselin, providing insights into their backgrounds, specialties, and impact within their respective industry segments.

This comprehensive list includes a selection of companies from diverse sectors such as health care, retail technology, financial services, information technology, and more. All of these companies utilise cutting-edge software solutions to improve operational efficiency and drive ROI. Let’s take a deeper look at who these companies are, what they do, and how they’re harnessing the power of software to make a tangible difference.

The booming Software industry in Iselin demonstrates not just the strength of the local tech scene, but also the breadth of industries that these companies cater to. From improving healthcare outcomes to driving customer engagement in retail, to enabling more efficient financial services, the companies listed here are redefining how businesses operate in the digital age.

Indegene Lifesystems

Founded by Anand Kiran, Gaurav Kapoor, Manish Gupta, and Rajesh Nair, Indegene Lifesystems operates in the Analytics, Health Care, Information Technology, and Software sectors. They help global healthcare organizations tackle intricate challenges through a seamless blend of analytics, technology, operations, and medical expertise. Their in-depth understanding of the healthcare sector has resulted in significant improvements in areas like customer engagement, digital transformation, health outcomes, and more. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Birdzi Inc.

Founded by Franc Borges and Shekar Raman, Birdzi Inc is an innovative provider in the Analytics, Retail, Retail Technology, Shopping, and Software sectors. Their unique personalized shopper engagement and analytics platform aids retailers and brands in enhancing consumer loyalty and boosting sales. The solution also provides unparalleled insights into consumer behavior for brands, enabling them to devise highly targeted marketing campaigns. Stay connected via their LinkedIn and Twitter.

Incedo Inc.

Founded by Saurabh Mittal and Tejinderpal Miglani, Incedo Inc is a significant player in the Analytics, Consulting, Financial Services, IT Management, and Software sectors. Operating out of Iselin and with over 1,500 employees across North America, Incedo Inc. brings together skilled engineering talent to deliver unparalleled excellence to its clients. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

FAST Technology

FAST Technology, founded by John Gorman and Tom Famularo is a trusted name in the Information Technology and Software sectors. The company solves financial service organizations’ challenges by helping them modernize their system environments and replace their legacy systems when needed. Keep updated with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Tanisha Systems, Inc

The brainchild of Gorav Aggarwal, Tanisha Systems, Inc is a recognized name in the Information Technology, Mobile, Software industries, known for their innovative tech solutions. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Founded by Thomas Ng, ecVision has carved a niche for itself in the Cloud Management and Software sectors. Its cloud-based supply chain clustering platform is helping its distinguished clientele streamline the flow of goods and manage costs.

Sensiple Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Founded by Kumar Murugan and Sadeesh Venugopal, Sensiple Software Solutions Pvt Ltd offers a world-class FinTech solution with a robust R&D team. This company is recognized as an early adopter of the FIX protocol and has developed the world’s largest OTC exchange for US, LATAM & Paris markets. You can follow it on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

eG Innovations

Founded by Curtis Siller and Srinivas Ramanathan, eG Innovations is changing the game in Cloud Computing, Software, and Virtualization sectors with its enterprise-class monitoring solutions. You can stay connected with their latest updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

PruTech Solutions, Inc.

Founded by Naidu Guttapalle, PruTech Solutions, Inc. stands out in multiple sectors including Big Data, Consulting, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Predictive Analytics, Professional Services, Robotics, Software and more. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

CloudHedge Technologies

Frontrunners in the App Discovery, Cloud Data Services, Cloud Infrastructure, Enterprise Applications, Software sectors, CloudHedge Technologies was founded by Abhijit Joshi, Ameya Varade, and Sameer Karmarkar. It addresses all aspects of cloud readiness. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Vanit Kumar, i95Dev offers a comprehensive suite of products for global b2b/b2c digital commerce businesses. Their services extend to areas like integrated commerce, PIM, ERP, Supply Chain, Marketplace Development, Cloud Native Development, and Product Engineering. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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