Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovation from Solna, Stockholm’s Tech Heartland

Located in Solna, Stockholms Lan, Sweden, an array of unique and innovative companies are shaping the future of the software and app industry. These companies provide diverse solutions that range from data center management and enterprise software creation to streamlining processes in the construction industry and improving road safety with intelligent technology. Here’s a closer look at some of the fascinating companies with their headquarters in this particular location.

Among the notable companies is Snow Software, led by Founder Axel Kling. Snow Software has been instrumental in transforming how organizations comprehend and manage their technology consumption. Their platform offers comprehensive visibility and valuable insight across SaaS, software, cloud, and hardware. As a result, IT leaders can effectively manage resources, improve performance, and drive operational agility in a hybrid world. Know more about Snow Software and its services here.

ZignSec, also based in Solna, offers a robust solution for companies seeking an effective way to identify their users in real-time so as to comply with KYC and AML regulations. The company, co-founded by Jonas Ingelström and Markus Andersson, has developed a cutting-edge cloud-based verification service widely utilized in the areas of financial services. You can get detailed information about ZignSec on their website.

Snow Software

Data Center, Enterprise Software, Mobile Software company, Snow Software, founded by Axel Kling has been making a significant impact by enabling businesses to understand and manage their technology consumption. With its innovative technology intelligence, Snow Software offers extensive visibility and contextual insights across hardware, software, and cloud. Visit Snow Software for further details.


ZignSec, a company pioneering in the fields of Apps, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile Payments, and Software was founded by Jonas Ingelström and Markus Andersson. Specializing in cloud-based verification services, ZignSec enables real-time user identification as a solution for KYC and AML-regulation compliance. Learn more by visiting ZignSec website.


In the construction and software sector, Accurator, led by Elie Patti, Nabaz Eliassi, Richard Seifert, excels in providing smart purchasing solutions. This innovation brings great benefits to people working in the construction industry. Visit Accurator to find more about their solutions.


Anders Dewoon and Reza Tavaklizadeh founded Consenz to provide drivers with intelligent driving assistance. With its intuitive and connected Head-up Display that can be retrofitted into any car, Consenz brings about new possibilities in road safety and smart, interactive traffic planning. Find more about Consenz at Consenz.


Paligo, a software company founded by Anders Svensson, excels in providing state-of-the-art technical documentation CCMS platform with authoring, single-sourcing, content management, and translation management. Checkout Paligo to learn more about their products.

Hoist Group

Hoist Group, based in Hospitably and Information Technology, provides innovative technology solutions for hotels. Their services help hotels manage end-to-end digital journeys for their guests. Visit Hoist Group to know more about their services.


Iptor is a consulting and IT company founded by Nigel Bayles, that excels in solving the complex supply chain challenges of its customers. Access Iptor to find out more about their offerings.


PrimeKey, co-founded by Admir Abdurahmanovic and Tomas Gustavsson, leads the PKI and applied cryptography industry. With its software and hardware systems, it uniquely meets IoT scale needs. Visit PrimeKey to know more about their solutions.

International Business Systems

International Business Systems is a global provider of ERP and SCM software for the distribution industry. Known for its robust solutions, it helps companies to control lean supply chains and leverage new revenue channels. Visit International Business Systems.

Telenor Connexion

Telenor Connexion, is a consulting, electronics, IT, legal, software branch of Telenor that brings together a wealth of expertise to provide business and technology solutions.


Specializing in business development and IT, Mercur stands out for its impressive track record. To discover more about their solutions, visit Mercur.

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