Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovation in Nanshanqu, Guangdong, China


Nanshanqu, Guangdong, China is home to a strong and diverse range of software and technology companies. This metropolis, known for its bustling tech scene, hosts a vast number of international and local software companies that are contributing immensely to the industry. In this article, we’re going to focus on some of those companies and give you a little insight into who they are and what they do.

In recent years, Nanshanqu has rapidly emerged as a technology hub in China, attracting everything from small start-ups to large tech giants. The companies covered in this series reflect just a portion of the innovation and diversity present in the district’s tech ecosystem. They are expanding the boundaries of what is possible with technology, whether it be in IT, gaming, finance, or education.

We hope this series of profiles will serve as an introduction to some of the companies contributing to Nanshanqu’s vibrant technology ecosystem. It’s a testament to the district’s status as a vital hub in the global technology sector.


Gitee, co-founded by Hong Shu, is a collaboration platform for software development and code hosting. Located in Nanshanqu, Guangdong, Gitee is a prominent figure in the Information Services, Information Technology, and Software industry. The company provides enterprise services and SAAS to developers for effective project collaboration, increased R&D efficiency, and comprehensive security protection.


The creative design platform for presentation and animation video creation, LaiHua, is a promising element in Nanshanqu’s vibrant industry scene. Co-founded by Bruce Wei, this company has been actively contributing to the Animation, Creative Agency, Presentation Software, and Software industries.


Operating in the Asset Management, Finance, Financial Services, and Software industry, Ricequant is located in the heart of Nanshanqu. Founders Kangol Li and Zoe A Niu lead this innovative company.

Dream Of Dragon Games

Dream Of Dragon Games is a company dedicated to the research and development of mobile games. Founders Jian Gu, Minghan Zhou, Qiuli Zhu, and Xuri Wang created this company that works with game expression, animation, e-sports, and more to deliver engaging gaming experiences to players.


As a part of the Information Services, Information Technology, Outsourcing, and Software industry, Meyacom provides intelligent development and digital transformation services for financial and insurance companies, thanks to the innovative efforts of founder Chen Xingquan. stands out as a big data analyst in the analytical, big data, IT, and Software industry. They provide services like Sky cloud, Data cube, Data bus, and DBA Assistant to customers.


Located in Nanshanqu, ACC5.COM is an educational platform providing accounting practice, tax practice, and CPA training for accounting practitioners. Led by Qi Liu, they strive to improve the skills of accountants and help them excel in their roles.


Bowei is a part of the Nanshanqu industry scene. Contributing to the Education, Information Technology, Software, and Training industries, this company is a vital component in the local tech ecosystem.

Zooking Soft

Working in the Mobile and Software industry, Zooking Soft is another strong contributor in Nanshan district.


A powerhouse in the Cloud Computing, Information Technology, and Software industry, DCS works on furthering the digital and intelligent transformation of its users. Founded in Nanshanqu, DCS ever contributes to the area’s thriving tech industry.


BEAUTY PLUS, co-founded by Ma Xiaoguang, stands out in Nanshanqu’s vibrant industry. This company has been actively contributing to the Beauty, SaaS, and Software industries, making it a significant player in the local scene.


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