Leapdroid: Pioneering Software Innovations from Chandigarh’s Tech Scene


Chandigarh, known for its architectural design and urban planning, is now emerging as a technology hub in India. It is becoming the go-to place for tech startups, particularly in the software and app industries. Here, in this series of articles, we will be shedding light on some exciting and dynamic companies operating in the software industry, making a strong impact from the heart of India.

These growing companies are not just making a name for themselves in the local market, but many of them have garnered international recognition too. They are transforming this north Indian city into a digital powerhouse, solidifying Chandigarh’s stance as a robust startup ecosystem.

The city, which is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana, has a conducive business environment and consists of a talent pool that is brilliant both technically and managerially. This combination of talent and facilities offers the perfect setting for tech companies in the city to reach lofty heights. Without further ado, let us introduce these dynamic enterprises that call Chandigarh their home.


Founded in November 2014 by Chinmay Agarwal and Samar Singla, Jugnoo is on a mission to transform the auto rickshaw service vertical in India. The fleet of over 15,000 auto-rickshaws along with a strong team, provides safe, reliable, and convenient rides across 40+ Indian cities. In addition to transportation, Jugnoo has also been offering reliable tech solutions to ride-sharing companies globally since 2017. The firm raised $16 million in venture funding from investors like Paytm and Snow Leopard Ventures. Stay updated on their latest activities through their social handles on Facebook and Twitter.


As a conversation intelligence startup, Enthu.AI is leveraging AI to enable businesses to improve their call center operations. Founded by Tushar Jain and Vishal Verma, the company aims to deliver high-quality agent evaluation and performance management software. Follow their latest developments on their LinkedIn page.

Finge brilliantly connects brands with top-tier influencers in their industry. Under the leadership of founders Akarshit Mahajan, Astha Shahi, Chinmay Surve, and Harsh Kakkar, the platform aids brands in scaling their campaigns through YouTube channel promotions. Keep up with through their Twitter handle and LinkedIn page.


Vizitor is setting new standards in visitor management. Founded by Gaurav Saini and Ria Sawhney, the firm takes visitor photos, prints personalized badges, and sends out live notifications, ensuring maximum security and convenience.

Net Solutions

Founded by Sameer Jain, Net Solutions, an ISO 9001:2008, CMMi 3 ready development firm, offers web and mobile development, outsourcing, product design, and more. With over 12 years of industrial experience, they have served renowned brands like Xerox, Radium One, and IMG. Their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer more in-depth insight into their work.


DataToBiz is an AI consultant firm helping businesses decode their data. Founded by Ankush Sharma and Parindsheel Singh Dhillon, this firm is noted for its data warehousing & strategy, data mining & analytics, data science, and visualization capabilities. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

BlockTech Brew

Blocktech Brew specializes in blockchain development services, offering solutions for cryptocurrency exchange, wallet development, crypto coin development, and more. Keep abreast of their latest developments on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

OyeLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founded by Anurag Jain, OyeLabs offers a range of technical services including Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning, Mobile Apps, and Web Apps. Learn more about them through their Facebook and LinkedIn handles.

uTrade Solutions

uTrade Solutions is the brainchild of Kunal Nandwani, Harwinder Sidhu, Ashish Grover, and Mayank Mathur. This financial trading technology company provides multi-asset trading platforms, risk management systems, and data analytics products. Stay updated about the firm through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels.

Trigma Inc

Founded by Piyush Sood, Trigma Inc offers outsourced product development, custom software services, mobile apps, and more. Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to know more.


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