LeapDroid: Premier Android Emulator Revolutionising Tech from Amersfoort, Netherlands

The city of Amersfoort, located in Utrecht, The Netherlands, has become a hub for Information Technology companies. Here, innovative solutions are created in the fields of Software, Apps, Mobile Apps, Blockchain, and more. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the city’s IT companies that are making significant strides in their various industries.

In this thriving technological hub, we can find companies like XRPL Labs, SimaPro, Triggre, Raet, Pink Web Applications BV, Europechain, Simacan, EOS Amsterdam, Infradax, Quintor, and ICT Concept. Despite their diverse focuses, they are all marked by an innovative spirit and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.

Let’s take a closer look at these Amersfoort-based companies.


Co-founded by Wietse Wind, XRPL Labs is situated at the cutting edge of Apps, Information Technology, and Mobile Apps. This company allows you to interact with the XRP ledger from your smartphone, enabling safe transactions and support for DEX and MultiSign. Connect with XRPL Labs on LinkedIn.


SimaPro is another innovative company in Amersfoort. Operating in the Information Technology and Software industry, this company actively engages its community through Facebook and LinkedIn.


Triggre, co-founded by Jesse Meijers and Mark Hulshof, has revolutionized the Information Technology industry with its no-code platform. This platform empowers companies to create fully functional and customized business applications without technical knowledge or coding. You can learn more about their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.


In the Human Resources and Information Technology industries, Raet has made a name for itself as the number one IT services provider in the field of HR and payroll services in the Netherlands. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pink Web Applications BV

Founded by Gerard Huis and Jelmer Nieuwenweg, PinkWeb is a leading supplier of a customer interaction platform called Client Online. Find out more about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


This company specializes in Blockchain, Consulting, and IT. Founded by Jan Smit, Josep Rosich, Rhett Pool, and Sharif Bouktila, Europechain is making significant strides in its industry. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Rob Schuurbiers, Simacan operates in the Cloud Management, Information Technology, and Software. Learn more about their work on LinkedIn.

EOS Amsterdam

Operating in the Blockchain, Information Services, and IT sectors, EOS Amsterdam is another notable company in Amersfoort. Follow their latest updates on LinkedIn.


Infradax is making a significant impact in the Finance, Hardware, and IT sectors. Get to know them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Amersfoort is home to Quintor, operating in the Information Technology, iOS, Mobile, Mobile Payments, Robotics, and Software. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

ICT Concept

ICT Concept is a private company that provides essential Information and Communication Technology services. They offer various services from workplace hardware and software arrangement to cloud computing and business consultancy. Connect with ICT Concept on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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