Leapdroid: Reigning IT Innovator at Jakarta’s Technological Forefront

Leapdroid: Reigning IT Innovator at Jakarta’s Technological Forefront

In the bustling city of Jakarta, Indonesia, a plethora of companies in the Information Technology industry is thriving. From software engineering to e-learning platforms, these companies embody innovation and aim to revolutionise various sectors through the power of technology. In this series, we’ll delve into the profiles of these companies – all headquartered in the vibrant city of Jakarta Raya.

These companies have harnessed the potential of technology and seek to address challenges in different issues and sectors such as education, real estate, e-commerce, and fitness, among others. Despite coming from different industries, they all share a common goal: to utilise technology to foster improvement and progress in their respective sectors.

Let’s take a closer look at these companies and uncover what makes each of them stand out in the teeming Jakarta tech scene.

Binar Academy

Founded by Alamanda Shantika Santoso, Dita Aisyah, and Seto Lareno, Binar Academy is a beacon in the field of Education, Information Technology, and Software Engineering set right in the heart of Jakarta Raya. It offers mentorship and non-formal education to aspiring tech engineers across Indonesia. Furthermore, with its strategic partnerships, Binar Academy provides real-world experience to its graduates. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Properin Group

Properin Group is a real estate investment platform. Located in Jakarta Raya, Properin implements Information Technology to revolutionize the Property Management and Real Estate Investment industry. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.


MySkill is an e-learning platform providing users with multiple ways in enhancing their careers. It provides certified e-learning accessible anytime and anywhere, private mentoring, and job discovery features. Stay updated about MySkill through their Twitter and LinkedIn posts.


Founded by Jacqueline Latip, Keyta is the one-stop app that e-commerce sellers have been waiting for. It brings together key features for online selling into one accessible and efficient platform, eliminating the need to jump between different apps. Find more about Keyta on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


STRONGBEE is a Sports Directory and Booking Application founded by Bima Pandu Wiguna, Fakhri Muzakky, Farah Shanti Suraputra, and Rian Bastian. It aims to connect service providers with the community, making more than 700 sports facilities & activities instantly bookable. Join them on their journey of connecting the world with sports and wellness through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Arini Astari, Moodah is a mobile-first, easy-to-use SaaS platform that aims to help digitalize small mom-and-pop shops in Indonesia. Moodah can capture all business process data in a single platform, providing a descriptive analysis of the overall data. Follow them on LinkedIn to know more about their journey., founded by Arfan Arlanda, is a software-based census system that manages trees and plants using drones, software, and satellites. Follow their footprints on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


PT SOLUSI INTEGRASI UTAMA offers top-notch solutions in Information Services and Information Technology. Be sure to check out their LinkedIn page for more information.


Pensieve harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence in providing real-time access to data, empowering decision-making processes and increasing situational awareness. Stay up-to-date through their LinkedIn profile. is a hotel-tech startup founded by Gerry Mangentang and Gustaf Loho. This company provides a mobile concierge platform that helps hotels to digitize all of their services. For more details, check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

ADW Consulting

ADW Consulting was founded to accelerate business performance improvement using state-of-the-art technology. They specialize in innovative solutions designed to improve business effectiveness. Stay updated with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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