Leapdroid: Revolutionizing Online Portals Industry from Jakarta’s Tech Hub

The Indonesian online portal industry is teeming with innovative and trend-setting companies that are reimagining the parameters of technological advancement. These companies transcend traditional business models by consolidating various sectors like education, e-commerce, fintech, and many more, offering comprehensive and futuristic solutions within a single platform. This article peeks into some of these outstanding companies operating from the vibrant city of Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, in Indonesia.

Operating in the digital landscape, these companies deftly blend technology and functionality to cater to diverse user demands with extraordinary ease. From academic portal solutions to online invitations, digital voice talent platforms, e-commerce portals, and e-learning platforms – creativity and technology stand at the core of these online ventures.

On the heels of a digital revolution, these companies underscore Indonesia’s prowess in the global technology sector. This country, teeming with youthful energy and innovation, is certainly leaving no stone unturned to make its presence felt on the global digital stage. Let’s explore the outstanding work these companies are doing.


Quintal was the brainchild of founders Henry Fausta and Pieter Lius. It is an academic portal which integrates the functionalities of Learning Management System (Academic) and Student Information System (Administrative), dedicated to serving Indonesian schools. Quintal aims to be the backbone of Indonesias’ education system by empowering schools with affordable yet effective tools and services. Follow Quintal on their social media platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn.

Sebar Undangan

Sebar Undangan offers a novel solution to distribute invitations for various events in a cost-effective and practical manner. An array of attractive invitation designs are available that can be accessed and forwarded through all digital devices. Connect with them via their social media handles on Facebook and LinkedIn .

Dua Telinga

Dua Telinga was founded by Zukarlita Lim with the aim to share life values through the power of sound. Their platform serves as a breeding ground for qualified voice talents from diverse fields. Connect with them through their pages on social channels: Facebook .


In 2010, Achmad Zaky, Fajrin Rasyid, and Nugroho Herucahyono created Bukalapak, an e-commerce shopping portal that offers an extensive variety of consumer products. The team at Bukalapak works to provide easy returns and flexible payment options, ensuring an optimal shopping experience for their customers. Follow Bukalapak on their social platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn .


Founded by Jasin Halim, Roby Tan, and Viperi Limiardi, Kioson is a company that transforms traditional retailers into electronic retailers (E-Tailers), aiming to support Small Enterprises in Indonesia’s rural areas. Connect with Kioson on their social media platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn .


Batumbu is an online platform by founder Sonny Ch Joseph that offers access to short-term financing to SME entrepreneurs. Connect with Batumbu on their LinkedIn page for more details.


Established by Handy Chang, is a directory website that helps with the marketing of SME products and services online both locally and internationally. Their extensive range of services includes SEO, web design, and hosting. Connect with Indotrading on their social media platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn .


Academix was founded by Adji Pramono and Radityo Susilo with a mission to transform Indonesia’s biggest asset – its workforce. The platform provides training and opportunities for unskilled workers to transform into skilled professionals. Follow them on LinkedIn .

Jaenal Gufron founded with the aim of social upliftment. The platform provides solutions and assistance in the fields of education, health, and environment. Connect with them on their social media platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn.


Eveningflavors was founded by Abhishek Kumar, Akash Shrivastava, Ravi Shrivas, and Vinod C. It encompasses a vast database of over 6000 restaurants in India and offers online table bookings and party planning services. Check out their social media platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn.

CIAYO Comics

Founded by Ciayo Corp, Nurudin Tom, and Victorio Primadi, CIAYO Comics offers a unique platform for comic enthusiasts. Follow them on their social platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn.

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