LeapDroid: Revolutionizing Sioux Falls Software Industry with Technological Innovations


Welcome to another installment of our series, that places the spotlight on Software Industry companies whose headquarters are based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States. This article showcases the innovations and contributions of these companies in their respective fields. Let’s meet some of the influential companies enhancing the vibrancy of Sioux Falls Software scene.

These companies are known for their innovative approach to software design and function. They offer distinctive solutions to a variety of sectors, including health care, data integration, public safety and financial industry. All of them are unified in their aim to provide enhanced efficiency, optimal functionality and improved workflows for their clients.

From CRM integration specialists to B2B integration platforms to healthcare management systems, every company on our list has a unique offering. The impact these organizations have on their respective markets is significant, as they drive digital transformation across numerous sectors.


Founded by Beth Harwood, Justin Hipple, and Michael Zuercher, Prismatic works in the B2B, data integration, SaaS, and software industry. They have developed a comprehensive integration platform for B2B software companies delivering a quick and easy way to build integrations to various apps. The highly-customizable, intuitive integration designer and marketplace offer an integrated iPaaS solution that caters to the needs of most organizations.


In the healthcare and hospital software sector, DocuTAP offers a distinct approach to workflow management. Their primary product, DocuTAP’s EMR and Practice Management software, integrates practice management and electronic medical records capabilities, providing an efficient, automated, customisable solution for healthcare providers.

BlueDop Medical

BlueDop Medical has developed a proprietary vascular expert software. This cutting-edge technology provides healthcare providers with relevant and actionable data, thereby enhancing patient care decision abilities.


Specializing in information technology, SaaS and software, DataSync offers a SaaS-based portal for enterprise services. They focus on customer life cycle solutions and CRM integration with marketing and ERP systems.

Zuercher Technologies

Michael Zuercher’s Zuercher Technologies offers a comprehensive public safety software solution under its flagship product, the Zuercher Suite. The product package encompasses computer-aided dispatch, mapping, records management, jail management, criminal investigations, crime analysis, and agency financial and administration, making it a sought-after solution in the public safety sector.


Ankit G. and Ayush S. have founded Dromo, contributing to the software industry. More information about their ventures can be found at their website.


Operating in the broadcasting, CRM, information technology and software industry, Sencore excels in offering various broadcasting media technologies and solutions.

Meta Payment System

Brad Hanson’s Meta Payment System operates in the financial services and software industry.

Four Percent

Four Percent, founded by Vick Strizheus, operates in various domains including affiliate marketing, consulting, digital marketing, education, internet, and software. The rapidly growing community offers dynamic tools, resources, collaborations and education to modern-day digital entrepreneurs.

Argus Leader

Argus Leader works in the fields of advertising, enterprise software, marketing, and news. They provide multi-platform media and marketing solutions that engage a majority of Sioux Falls adults on a weekly basis.

Blend Interactive

Blend Interactive seeks to assist institutions and agencies tackle complicated web problems. It operates in the domains of consulting, content, internet, software, web design, and web development, delivering a future-friendly, content-focused, process-driven strategy, design and implementation solutions.

The services and innovations of these companies have significantly influenced their respective industries, setting up Sioux Falls as a prominent center in the world of multifaceted software development. Sioux Falls continues to be invigorated by the existence of these ground-breaking companies.

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