Leapdroid: Spotlight on Alexandria’s Key Players in Web Design Industry

Leapdroid: Spotlight on Alexandria’s Key Players in Web Design Industry

In the bustling hub of Alexandria, Virginia, United States, there lies a nest of thriving web design companies. Each of these organizations brings their unique expertise and innovation to the table, significantly contributing to the growth of the web design industry. This article explores a collection of these companies, from start-ups to established enterprises, providing an in-depth look at the services they offer, their founders, and their growth trajectories.

The city of Alexandria, nestled in Virginia’s heart, is known for its vibrant culture, history, and economic growth. As part of this growth, the web design sector in the city has continued to flourish and has presented numerous opportunities for businesses seeking digital transformation and innovation. The following companies are at the forefront in delivering these solutions.

As part of this exploration, we will traverse different sectors, including advertising, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and more, all blending under the umbrella of web design. The companies’ detailed profiles will paint a broader picture of their varying skills and diverse capabilities within this industry.

Silverback Strategies

Founded by Neil Welsh, Silverback Strategies is a premier company specializing in a variety of industries such as SEO, digital marketing, advertising, search engine marketing, and web design. The company partners with diverse businesses, providing consultancy and execution for web design, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and pay per click management. Stay connected with Silverback Strategies on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

NJI Media

Based in Alexandria, NJI Media is a key player in the advertising, marketing, social media, and web design sectors. Further information on their endeavors is available on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.


Yell is a versatile company offering services ranging from digital marketing and SEO to web design and consulting. Follow Yell on LinkedIn and Twitter for more updates.

Gunnison Consulting Group

Specializing in Cyber Security, Information Services, Information Technology, and Web Design, Gunnison Consulting Group provides top-notch consultants to assist customers with their IT needs. Check out their latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

TGD Communications

Offering a comprehensive range of services from traditional and digital campaigns, brand strategy, and implementation, to website redesigns, TGD Communications is a full-service marketing firm. Stay updated with TGD Communications on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


MMP is a notable company operating in the Advertising, Consulting, Digital Marketing, Marketing, and Web Design sectors. Find MMP on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Old City Interactive

Specializing in digital marketing, SEO, professional services, and web design, Old City Interactive is an important contributor to the web design industry in Alexandria.

Global Thinking

Offering services within the realm of advertising, CRM, marketing, and web design, Global Thinking is an established company in the city.

Redmon Group

Redmon Group is a leader in the fields of digital media, digital signage, software, and web design. Keep up to date with Redmon Group’s latest ventures on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


As a full-service digital marketing company, webABCs focuses on amplifying online visibility and engagement for businesses. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Baraka Marketing Solutions

Specializing in email marketing, graphic design, and web design, Baraka Marketing Solutions offers solutions for small and medium businesses. Check out Baraka Marketing Solutions on Facebook and LinkedIn.

These companies, working from Alexandria’s backdrop, continue to innovate and redefine the landscape for web design. With their commitment and expertise, they are poised to steer the industry towards more remarkable growth and renown.

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