Leapdroid: Spotlight on Stockholm’s Pioneering Force in Computer Software Industry

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is home to a thriving tech scene. The city has birthed numerous successful startups, particularly in the Computer industry. From automotive to gaming and artificial intelligence, the innovation brewing in Stockholm is indeed noteworthy. This article features a selection of outstanding Stockholm-based companies playing a role in shaping the future

One common theme through all these companies is their commitment to technological advancements and their impact. They employ thousands of talented individuals and have created products and services that millions across the globe use. Let’s delve right into these tech innovators changing the world from Stockholm.

It’s always exciting to recognize the companies fueling innovative solutions locally. These companies are leaders in their industries, leveraging technology to drive growth, streamline operations, and impact lives. They have established themselves as masters in their respective fields and continue to pave the way for future tech advancements.

Cake Bikes

Cake Bikes is revolutionizing the light, quiet, and clean high-performance electric motorcycles and mopeds industry. The company boasts the introduction of their award-winning Kalk off-roader and the Ösa, a utility platform with an integrated power station and off-road capabilities. CAKE wishes to motivate moves towards a zero-emission society. Facebook | Linkedin

Fatshark AB

Fatshark AB is a renowned independent Swedish game development studio based in Stockholm. It is a household name in the computer gaming industry. Facebook | Linkedin


Stravito offers a knowledge management solution that democratizes access to market research and insights. Their intuitive cloud service is used extensively to centralize and organize data and research. Linkedin


For a hassle-free selling experience of unused items, Sellpy is your go-to platform. They handle everything from picking items up to selling them and sharing the profits. Unsold items get donated to charity. Facebook | Linkedin

Furhat Robotics

Furhat Robotics is a conversational AI and Social Robotics startup. The company’s platform is designed to allow humans to interact with machines in a more natural and human-like manner. Facebook | Linkedin


Rerun is a toolkit that aids programmers in creating effective visualisations. This is an open-source platform that has proven indispensable for developers. Linkedin


Mendi offers a Neurofeedback Brain Training headband and app to improve focus, emotional regulation, and mental resilience. Facebook | Linkedin


Skyqraft is revolutionizing the linear infrastructure sector with visual data analytics. Using AI, they convert aerial grid images into powerful grid insights for smarter and cost-efficient decision-making by utility companies. Facebook | Linkedin


Buddywise is an innovative software platform that uses computer vision and machine learning to enhance industrial safety monitoring and workplace injury mitigation. Linkedin


Tengai leverages AI and behavioural science to create an interview product suite for recruitment. This platform aids in automating and speeding up the recruitment process, ensuring more informed and better hiring decisions. Facebook | Linkedin

Gaming Corp

Gaming Corp is a gaming studio with solutions for all major gaming platforms. From AAA developments for hardcore audiences to social games on Facebook, Gaming Corp has got it all covered. Facebook | Linkedin

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