Leapdroid: Spotlight on Tokyo-Based Web Hosting Technology Innovations

Leapdroid: Spotlight on Tokyo-Based Web Hosting Technology Innovations

Among the diverse Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan’s business scene, the city hosts a remarkable number of companies in the Web Hosting industry. Ranging from innovative startups to well-established corporations, these enterprises provide an array of services such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, human resources, and web development alongside their core web hosting offerings. Our series spotlights these Tokyo-based web hosting companies, and in this instalment, we introduce the following:


Three-Is is an AI-based business technology strategy consultant and AI utilization system design development support. The company offers solutions in advertising platforms, artificial intelligence, and semantic web apart from web hosting.


Refcome simplifies the operation and effect measurement from policy design, aiming to revitalize referral adoption. The service notably works in the domains of human resources, and recruiting, in addition to web hosting. Founders include Takumi Shimizu. Follow them on Twitter, or check their Facebook and Linkedin pages for updates.


LisB specializes in cloud service development, smartphone, tuplet, PC application development, and web system design. They remarkably combine skills in cloud computing and software development to extend practical web hosting solutions.


Truss is a unique company in the Buliding Material industry that also offers services in web browsers and web hosting. The Tokyo based company was founded by Hiraga Koki, Koki Hirakawa, Okimura Tetsuya, and Shuji Kubota. Find them on Twitter and Facebook.


WebPay, previously known as Fluxflex, is a company that pioneers in offering scalable shared web hosting services for LAMP applications. Co-founders include Hiro Fukami and Kei Kubo. Follow WebPay on Twitter or discover more on their Linkedin page.

‘NTT Communications’

NTT Communications provides a broad range of global networks, management solutions and IT services to customers worldwide. Founded by Arturo Dopico Sanchez-Manjavacas, the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or connect with them on Linkedin.

‘Wix.Com Japan’

Wix.Com Japan is an internet, web design, web development and web hosting company founded by Avishai Abrahami, Hayki Oster Friedman and Hideaki Tsumita. The service allows anyone to easily create a homepage withou the need for design knowledge. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

‘Japan Asia Investment’

Japan Asia Investment, founded by Keizai Doyukai, ventures in business development, financial services, and web hosting. The company has accumulated expertise over 15 years as a pioneer in venture capital investments in Asia. Follow Japan Asia Investment on LinkedIn.

‘Exodus Communications’

Exodus Communications, founded by B. V. Jagadeesh and K. B. Chandrasekhar, specializes in IT customer service, and information services. Check the company’s Linkedin page for updates.


Chia, founded by Katsuhiro Takata, uses AI to provide powerful engagement metrics for online creators and brands. The company also offers services in advertising, analytics, CRM, marketing, mobile apps, retail technology, and web design. Follow them on Facebook.


i2ts separates itself by exclusively offering web hosting services. The company notably ensures they’re continually pushing for both innovation and for maintaining consistently high standards in their hosting services.

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