Leapdroid: Unveiling Copenhagen’s Leading Graphic Design Software Innovators

When it comes to the graphic design industry, the Scandinavian region has long been a promising hub for creative exploration and startup ventures. Particularly, Copenhagen, Denmark, has seen an influx of innovative graphic design companies, somewhat transforming the city into a creative nexus. Their ventures range from web design and product design to software, apps, and more. In this article, we will explore some of the most pioneering companies operating in the field of graphic design based in Copenhagen.

These companies are making waves through their unique approaches, skilled teams, and relentless innovation. They exhibit a blend of artistic flair and technical exactitude that sets them apart, from thriving design studios, digital media tycoons, to strategic design powerhouses. They are bringing new concepts, products, and services to life, enhancing human interaction with technology.

Let’s delve into the details and distinctive elements of these organizations.

Axid Studios I/S

Founded by Asger Heinricy and Holden Hoover in 2020, Axid Studios is a game studio dedicated to sprouting the finest games and software solutions. It offers services in software, web design, graphic design, product design and more. You can follow their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Specializing in brand marketing, Copenhagen-based Fireball contributes to the graphic design industry with its targeted and visually compelling marketing strategies. Stay updated about Fireball through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Paper Collective

Paper Collective serves as a junction of architecture, art, and graphic design. As a e-commerce enterprise, they are known for their home decor products. They can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Komponent Creative

Founded by Palle Diederichsen, Komponent Creative operates at the core of advertising, digital media, and graphic design industry. They can be followed on LinkedIn.

Hello Group

Hello Group is a strategic design company, operating in graphic, product, and web design fields. Their work revolves around marrying technology with human interaction to design solutions. They can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Founded by Jakob Adeltoft, WebProof is a collaboration and productivity tool that allows for streamlined, organized work on shared projects, solving problems from the graphic design all the way to the enterprise software industry. They can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Power Media Group

Specializing in advertising, digital marketing, and lead generation, Power Media Group also operates in the graphic design industry. They can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kontrapunkt Group

The Kontrapunkt Group operates in the interior design and brand marketing industry, alongside graphic design. Keep track of their activities through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Known for their innovative furniture designs, MENU brings an aesthetic touch to the graphic design industry. See their latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Danish Design Center

Danish Design Center consults in graphic design and innovation management, in addition to web design. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Last but not least, Make, a reputed agency in advertising, animation, graphic and web design sectors, marks their prominence in the industry with their creative prowess. Stay updated by following their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Collectively, these companies are trailblazing the path for the future of graphic design, breathing life into new concepts and strategies in their pursuit of creative excellence.

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