Leapdroid: Unveiling Modena’s Stellar Contribution to IT Software Development

Leapdroid: Unveiling Modena’s Stellar Contribution to IT Software Development

Located in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Modena serves as headquarters to a wide array of dynamic companies within the Information Technology industry. These companies define and refine innovative applications, systems, and platforms that propel the world of IT forward, on a global scale. They range from providers of strategic supply chain collaboration services and creators of ambitious mobile apps and software, to trailblazers in RFID technology and professional consulting services. This article explores fascinating details about each of these companies.

Beyond creating and shaping critical information technology past and future, these companies contribute significantly to Modena’s local economy and bring significant prestige to the region. They routinely leverage their technological expertise to provide invaluable solutions to customers, while also committing to being leaders in their respective specializations within the IT sector.

Let’s traverse the exciting, digital lanes of Modena’s IT landscape by visiting each company, starting with a strategic supply chain collaboration service provider, IUNGO Spa, and continuing all the way to the information technology and retail services of BS Company.


Founded by Andrea Tinti and Luca Mongiorgi, IUNGO Spa breezes through strategic purchasing processes of sourcing, purchasing, reporting, invoicing, and payment. It secures a noteworthy position as a competent consulting company. IUNGO Spa can also be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Gorilla Technologies

Co-founded by Guglielmo Faglioni, Gorilla Technologies dives into a multitude of IT realms – brand marketing, app development, web development. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Fabele srl

Fabele srl, a leader in radiofrequency identification (RFID) devices production, holds intellectual property rights to innovative processes and equipment. They are also reachable on LinkedIn.

AD Consulting

AD Consulting is a professional service provider delivering top-notch consulting solutions in the field of Information Technology. Check them out on LinkedIn and Facebook.


A paradigm of Information services, Ammagamma extends its industry spectrum to include email IT services. Find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Apex elevates its presence in the world of Software and Information Technology with its specialized support for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Get connected with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


As a company specialised in Information Technology, PRISMI also harnesses its expertise in different areas such as Advertising, Digital Marketing, and SEO. Find PRISMI on LinkedIn and Facebook.


CERTEGO Srl, led by founder Bernardino Grignaffini Gregorio, is an innovative provider of comprehensive, professionally delivered and cloud-based Computer Security Incident Response and Threat Intelligence Services. Find them on LinkedIn.


FastCode provides strategies and technologies for all IT-related activities, including cloud, outsourcing, and on-site services. They also specialize in business intelligence, analytics, big data, software architectures, and business processes. They have presence on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Cloudmind provides services and knowledge to organizations undergoing digital transformation. They specialize in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and blockchain. They are also on LinkedIn.


Integrating IT Management and Retail services, BS COMPANY vaults Information Technology to new domains. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

These companies echo the beating pulse of Modena’s thriving IT industry and stand as proof of the region’s technological prowess. The expertise and creativity they possess not only enrich their respective niche but also contribute to the larger, global IT landscape.

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