Melbourne’s Leapdroid: Innovating Cloud Data Services Down Under

Melbourne’s Leapdroid: Innovating Cloud Data Services Down Under

The city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is steadily carving its niche as an emerging hub for global tech companies, particularly those in the cloud data service industry. This cut-throat space, traditionally dominated by leading corporations across the globe, is now seeing significant contributions from this Australian city.

Australians have truly made their mark in this ever-growing sector as a number of companies originating in Melbourne have garnered the industry’s attention. These companies, though diverse in their offerings, all share a common focus on cloud data services and have collectively showcased the innovation and resilience inherent in Melbourne’s tech scene. Let’s explore some of these Melbourne-based game-changers below.

These are companies offering tailored services, pushing tech boundaries, and setting industry trends, all from their Melbourne headquarters. Included are those providing services in areas like Blockchain, Cyber Security, Data Integration, Cloud Data Services, Developer APIs, and others that are etching their names on the global tech stage.


Founded by Katryna Dow, Meeco provides an online service that makes it convenient for users to manage their life and digital relationships. They offer a simple mode of organising important affairs, right from bookmarking web content to recording personal goals. They operate in realms like Blockchain, Cloud Data Services, Cyber Security, Data Integration, Developer APIs, Privacy, and Mobile Apps. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.

LexX Technologies

This intelligent platform was conceived by Anant Sahay and Hersh Sahai, and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning for efficient maintenance of complex equipment. LexX Technologies works in areas including Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Data Services, Enterprise Applications, and Machine Learning. You can connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Versent is a venture of founder Thor Essman, which came into existence through two company acquisitions in 2014. Specialising in Digital Enterprise Security and Microsoft Data Visualisation services, the company helps businesses transform and operate in the cloud. Versent offers expertise in varied industry domains, including Finance, Telecommunications, Media, Public Sector, and Utilities. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Xakia Technologies

Conceived by Jodie Baker, Xakia Technologies simplifies legal matter management for in-house teams of all sizes. It provides a holistic view into matters, tasks, deadlines, documents, and budgets. It operates in sectors like Cloud Data Services, Legal Tech, SaaS, Professional Services and Software. Connect with them through their social media handles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


Founded by Benjamin Goldhammer, AISITE is an automated migration service. This tool is designed for data migration between HTML Websites, CMS’s or forum platforms. Offering services in fields like Cloud Data Services, CMS, Data Mining, Web Design, and more, AISITE provides a simple solution for SME websites looking to upgrade without downtime.

Fabric Group

Fabric Group, established by Laurent Behan, is a software engineering company that primarily operates in fields including Analytics, Apps, Cloud Data Services, Quality Assurance, and Software. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


Aptel is a provider of voice, data, and cloud communication services to corporations, hotel groups and commercial offices. Offering services in Cloud Data Services, CRM, Information Technology and Telecommunications, it is well known for its suite of powerful communication tools. Get connected with them on LinkedIn.


The Cevo team have made their mark in the worlds of Cloud Data Services, Data Integration, and Information Technology. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Founded by Chris Mccarthy, InfoCentric primarily focuses on Analytics and Cloud Data Services. Stay up to date with their latest offerings through their social media profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Kaveh Sharifi’s Kloud is an Information Technology company offering cloud-based and managed services. They specialise in a range of cloud services including Azure, SharePoint Online, and Office 365. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Advent One

Advent One lends its expertise in Cloud Data Services, Cyber Security, Data Centre, and Information Technology. Catch their updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Whether you are searching for cutting-edge Cloud Data Services or exploring the vibrant tech scene in Melbourne, these companies are a testament to Australia’s thriving tech sector and its immense potential for growth and innovation

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