Mobile App Innovations: Leapdroid’s Remarkable Rise from Seattle’s Tech Hub

Mobile App Innovations: Leapdroid’s Remarkable Rise from Seattle’s Tech Hub

Seattle, Washington, is home to a host of emerging companies operating in the mobile apps industry, illustrating the growth of the tech industry outside of Silicon Valley. The Pacific Northwest metropolis is renowned for its rapid technology industry growth, with many innovative app development companies operating in the heart of the city. Below we highlight some of these distinguished companies.

The companies range across different industries from healthcare to finance, yet all are thriving via innovative mobile applications. Each company follows its unique vision and mission, yet they are united in their pursuit of pushing the boundaries of technology to better serve their customers. The following companies are noteworthy for their unique app offerings originating from the city of Seattle.

Not only have these companies achieved accolades in their own industries, but they've also had a significant impact on the way mobile technology is perceived and utilized. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at these companies and see how they're shaping the mobile space with their revolutionary apps.


AppSheet is a leading player in the realm of business apps, with a focus on intelligent, no-code platforms that colorfully represent data and make app building a code-free exercise for users. Founded by Brian Sabino and Praveen Seshadri in 2014, AppSheet quickly generates customized, branded, and deployable applications rich in function that perform across multiple platforms. Facebook | Linkedin | @appsheet


Entering the healthcare industry with an innovative approach, 98point6 delivers personalized text-based primary care via their mobile app. This digital primary care service, co-founded by Gordon Cohen, Jeff Greenstein, and Robbie Cape, allows for private, instant diagnosis and treatment no matter where the patient is located. Facebook | Linkedin | @98point6inc


With a mission to provide a better phone experience, Hiya develops caller identification applications designed to enhance mobile users' experience globally. Founded by Alex Algard, Hiya offers services that identify unknown numbers and automatically blocks scam and spam threats. Facebook | Linkedin | @hiya

Shyft Technologies

A leading player in the workforce management space, Shyft offers an innovative app that helps workers swap shifts, communicate, and increase their earnings. The product was developed with workforce flexibility in mind and has received accolades in both the tech and business spaces. Facebook | Linkedin | @shyft

Tomorrow Ideas

Tomorrow Ideas has designed an app that helps protect a family's financial future by including features like last will creation, a revocable living trust, and term life insurance comparison. It allows users to secure their financial future at their fingertips. Facebook | Linkedin | @tomorrowideas


Twistle is a health care platform that helps connect patients and healthcare providers for a faster recovery experience. The platform helps clinical teams streamline care pathways by automating follow-up and surveillance procedures. Facebook | Linkedin | @TwistleApp

Volt Athletics

Volt Athletics is a sports tech company delivering elite-level workout programs through an AI-enabled app. This groundbreaking sports and fitness app dynamically optimizes users' training for scientifically backed results. Facebook | Linkedin | @voltathletics


Kadama is a Gen-Z learning app that has disrupted the educational world by turning learning into an enjoyable endeavor. Students can earn rewards, get instant homework help, and join educational communities, thereby making the learning process fun and holistic. Facebook | Linkedin | @kadama


Observa is an AI-powered auditing platform that offers in-store sales and marketing performance tracking for CPG brands and retailers. This innovative platform provides real-time, actionable insights helping businesses overcome challenges before they impact the bottom line. Facebook | Linkedin | @observanow

Migo, Inc.

Migo Inc. is a free mobile search app for personal transportation that helps consumers choose the best way to get from Point A to Point B. It's a unique addition to the public transportation industry and was founded in 2016. Facebook | Linkedin | @getmigo

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