Munich’s Innovative Leapdroid Role in Germany’s Graphic Design Industry Dynamics

Munich, the capital city of Bavaria in Germany, is a major hub for companies operating in the Graphic Design Industry. This metropolis is not only known for its rich history and beer festivals but also as a city that fosters creativity and supports innovation in the design sector. Today, we’ll be highlighting companies headquartered in Munich, whose talents span various fields, such as advertising, digital marketing, product design, SEO, social media marketing, web design, printing and many more.

These companies have managed to make a name for themselves by ensuring quality, deploying innovative strategies and maintaining a keen eye for aesthetics. They have risen to prominence by creating meaningful connections through their designs, adding value to their clients’ brand identity, and ensuring a strong online presence.

Despite the diversity of their specialities, they all have a common vision – to shape the future of the Graphic Design industry and to lead with creativity and innovation. Let’s dive deeper into the profiles of these firms, take closer look at their backgrounds and their key areas of business.


Founded by Andreas Daoutis, Oliver Lang, and Sahar Azghandi, SMAL is a globally recognized company in the fields of Advertising, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Product Design. Contact: Facebook, LinkedIn.


Unibrand is a multi-dimensional company specializing in Advertising, Graphic Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design. Contact: Facebook, LinkedIn.


With a quirky name and serious dedication towards their work, SERIOUS.BUSINESS proves their prowess in Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Web Design. Contact: Facebook, LinkedIn.


Zapptales, co-founded by Daniel Renner, is a unique company that combines Graphic Design, Printing, and Social Media to create memorable books of chat conversations. Contact: Facebook, LinkedIn.


MEMEDIA leads with innovation in the fields of Graphic Design, Internet, and Web Design. Contact: Facebook, LinkedIn.


Brandwerk offers comprehensive solutions in the fields of Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, SEO, and Web Design. Contact: LinkedIn.


As a front-runner in Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Web Design, Gastocon has made its presence known in the industry. Contact: Facebook.

Uber Eck

Uber Eck is a company known for its proficiency in Animation, Graphic Design, and Media and Entertainment. Contact: Facebook, LinkedIn.


2W has marked its excellence in the categories of Advertising, Data Visualization, Document Management, Graphic Design, and Marketing. Contact: Facebook, LinkedIn.


Medienstürmer is a company offering services in Advertising, Film Production, Graphic Design, and Social Media Management. Contact: Facebook, LinkedIn.

Intermar Corporate

To conclude, Intermar Corporate is a reliable name in the areas of Advertising, Brand Marketing, and Graphic Design. Contact: Facebook, LinkedIn.

Munich continues to be a city that fosters creativity and contributes tremendously to the Graphic Design industry. The companies listed above are only a fraction of the creative entities that have chosen this vibrant city as their base, using innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to set new standards in the design domain.

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