Orlando’s Leapdroid: Revolutionizing Graphic Design Software in Florida

Orlando’s Leapdroid: Revolutionizing Graphic Design Software in Florida

Orlando, Florida, a city renowned for its vibrant theme parks, is also becoming a rising star in another industry—the graphic design industry. Graphic design is a highly creative profession that requires both artistic and technical skills. As the field continues to evolve and advance, a selective number of graphic design companies are making strides in innovation and creativity. A host of these trailblazing companies are headquartered in Orlando given its vibrant digital environment and the immense talent pool in the area. This article highlights a few of these companies who are shaping the future of graphic design.

The fresh storytelling approach in the Animation, Document Management, Graphic Design, Legal, Medical sectors has been catalyzed by industry leading companies such as TPG. Their multidisciplinary approach to delivering graphic design also extends to their active presence on social media including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Web Design and Development extends its influence beyond just aesthetic design thanks to companies such as BTS Brands. Renowned for their comprehensive design and development services, BTS Brands has a presence on social platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn.

VT Logo Design

VT Logo Design operates in the advertising, digital marketing, graphic design, SEO, Service Industry, Web Design, Web Development industries. Available on Twitter and Facebook.


NetPass is at the intersection of Graphic Design, Information Technology, Web Development, Web Hosting offering innovative solutions. It can be found on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Ken Granger, BrandCo has been delivering in the Advertising, Brand Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design industry with a significant online presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Growth Marketing Firm

Growth Marketing Firm lead by Christopher Nault operates within the Advertising, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Marketing, Sales Automation, Web Development sectors. Their online presence extends to Facebook and LinkedIn.

11th Hour

11th Hour stands out in the E-Commerce, Graphic Design, Printing, Shipping sectors with their unique solutions and services.

Jessica N. Abraham | writer. designer. publicist.

Founded by Jessica Abraham, her body of work spans across Business Development, Content, Content Creators, Content Marketing, Graphic Design, News, Public Relations, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Media, and Web Design. Readers can explore her extensive work on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

iQuarius Media

iQuarius Media, in the realms of Advertising, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, SEO, Web Design, can be found on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Insight Marketing

Insight Marketing provides a full spectrum of strategic marketing, planning, business development, and creative services in the Consulting, Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Development sectors. Follow their updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Silent Gorilla

Silent Gorilla’s comprehensive services span across the gamut of web design, development, graphic design, and more within the realms of the Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development sectors. Professionals in the industry can follow their work via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Orlando is spearheading growth in the Graphic Design industry with its diverse pool of graphic design companies. These companies, each with their unique strengths and contributions, highlight the City Beautiful’s thriving economy and regional talent pool.

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