Seattle’s Leapdroid: Innovative Leader in Graphic Design Software Solutions


Welcome to the first installment of our Leapdroid article series. In this edition, we start with a focus on the Graphic Design industry and bring to you information about notable companies based in Seattle, Washington. Seattle is known for its thriving tech industry, but it also plays host to diverse companies in the Graphic Design industry. These companies provide significant contributions towards making digital communications richer, bespoke, and more engaging.

The companies that we’ll explore in this series, span various subsets of design including internet, photo editing, data visualization, 3D technology, advertising, industrial design, web design, manufacturing, marketing automation, and software design. You’ll discover the remarkable work they’re doing, who founded them, and where you can find more about them and their services.

Without further ado, let’s meet these companies:


Founded by Brian Terry, Charlie Whiton, Jonathan Sposato, and Justin Huff, PicMonkey is a visual communications platform primarily focused on graphic design, internet, photo editing, software, and subscription service. Since its inception in 2012, it has served more than 450,000 paid subscribers across 190 countries, assisting both non-designers and designers to create stunning visuals. More on PicMonkey can be found on their Facebook, LinkedIn and @picmonkey Twitter account.

Killer Infographics

With creative energy from founders Amy Balliett, Killer Infographics is a leader in data visualization, graphic design, and web design. Known for their fun, precise, and eye-catching creations, they provide a full range of solutions including research, scripting, and SEO-focused promotion campaigns. You can check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at @topinfographics.

Run Studios

Specializing in 3D technology, animation, graphic design, and video, Run Studios is another vibrant company based in Seattle. Find out more on Facebook, LinkedIn or their Twitter page @runstudios?lang=en.



Under the leadership of Josh Kornfeld, Tactile has made a name for itself in the fields of Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and UX Design. Get in touch with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or tweet them at @tactile_design.


Urban Influence

Founded by Pete Wright, Urban Influence is a team of talented designers, developers, writers, and strategists. Over the last decade they’ve honed their skills in graphic and web design, as well as in storytelling. Get a better view of their work on Facebook, LinkedIn or tweet them at @pigeonwisdom.


McNeel Asia

Cognition Studio, Inc

Cognition Studio, led by founder David Ehlert, specializes in strategy and visual communication for life sciences. They aim to build trust and knowledge in new sciences, research, and medicines, primarily serving sectors like biotechnology, venture capital, and global health. You can learn more on their Facebook page and their LinkedIn profile.


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