Small Business Marketing: How to Increase Your Instagram Rates

Did you know that in the US alone there are over 140 million Instagram users

63% of all Instagram users will log in to the app daily. 

As a marketing tool, Instagram can be beneficial to businesses that are specifically looking at targeting a particular demographic. Are your customers and prospects on Instagram? 

If so, you should be looking at Instagram engagement rates and how you can boost them. 

With a boost in your engagement rate will come a considerable uplift in the performance of your content itself and in turn, perhaps your lead generation. 

Keep reading to find out more. 

Instagram Marketing 101

There are four buzzwords you’re going to keep coming across as you venture into the world of Instagram marketing:

  • Number of likes 
  • Number of followers
  • How many comments your profile receives
  • How many shares or reposts your profile receives

These four pillars of measurement will drive the ultimate success of your Instagram marketing efforts. You should always be aiming for these numbers to be on the increase. 

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Instagram Engagement Rates 

Engagement rates are one of the key milestones against which you will measure your Instagram efforts and how successful they are. By working with a brand identity agency, you’ll be able to boost your brand awareness as well as your user engagement.

The overall definition of engagement can be described as the way in which a user interacts with your profile online. This could be through post likes or comments, or shares. 

The way in which brands measure their Instagram engagement rates can vary from profile to profile. Depending on what your ultimate Instagram marketing goals are, you may want to measure your engagement rates differently. You could start by doing a “search Instagram user likes” exercise and use that as a starting point. 

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How To Boost Engagement Rates

Whatever it is that you want to boost, in terms of engagement, such as your likes, comments, or reposts, you’re going to need a strategy to achieve this. 

Here are the key ways you’re going to boost your engagement rates:

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1. Use Relevant Hashtags 

Hashtags are a huge part of Instagram culture. They’re what help people find your content in a sea of images, videos, and stories. 

Using the right hashtags can make your profile more discoverable and accessible, and help to increase your followers. 

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2. Quality Over Quantity 

Some people think that Instagram is about posting a million times per day about everything and anything. This is not right. 

To keep your page engaging and targeted directly at your audience, prioritize posting quality content, as opposed to just posting as often as you can with no end goal in mind. 

Quality content will always win. 

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3. Exception To The Above Rule 

There is one exception to the above rule: Instagram stories

The lifespan of Instagram stories is approximately 24 hours unless of course, you choose to save it to your profile. Using stories can help increase the reach of your brand. You can also use highlights to showcase specific videos to your audience. 

But you need to participate with stories quite often in order to get proper traction. 

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There’s Always More To It! 

Instagram engagement rates, Instagram followers, Instagram trends! 

There’s always more to the platform than meets the eye, initially speaking. A good suggestion is to take some time to understand the algorithm behind the social media platform as this can help you make more informed content decisions. 

Need more marketing content? We’ve got a whole section covering app marketing, so head there now! 

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