Tips for Protecting Company Data on Mobile Devices

Tips for Protecting Company Data on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices bring a greater level of efficiency and flexibility to your business network, but that flexibility shouldn’t cost you your security. If you rely on cell phones, tablets, and other devices to conduct business, you must also invest in robust security measures to keep your data and communications safe. Ensure the security of your business, employees, and clients with these tips for protecting company data on mobile devices.

Install Dependable Security Apps

It’s crucial to be aware of the kinds of mobile apps on your phone and how they affect your device’s security. Mobile malware like ransomware and trojans take the form of mobile applications and pose a serious risk for your device, while security apps help safeguard data and communications through private networks or encryption solutions.

Equip your business devices with app solutions like DuckDuckGo for private browsing or Proton Mail for end-to-end encrypted email. At the same time, implement cybersecurity training and best practices to ensure employees never download unknown software applications.

Implement Phishing Training

Phishing scams are some of the biggest mobile security threats that businesses need to know about. Phishing attempts can target any type of device, but mobile phones are particularly at risk for more sophisticated and believable scams that target users through SMS or social media. This includes business-oriented social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

One of the best tips for protecting company data on mobile devices is to spread awareness and give your employees the training and tools they need to detect phishing scams. Knowing how to spot phishing attempts allows employees to avoid clicking on untrustworthy links or sharing sensitive data with unknown parties. Annual cybersecurity training helps you and your employees stay on top of the latest phishing trends so you’re never caught unaware.

Utilize Remote Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) software gives you an extra layer of protection for every device in your network. MDM software helps you manage device encryption across your entire network. It also allows you to locate mobile devices and even lock or wipe phones that have been lost or stolen. Combining MDM software with a secure and up-to-date list of current employee devices helps you keep track of every phone in your network, ensuring better mobile security across your business.

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