Unveiling Leapdroid: Mobile App Innovations from Mexico City’s Tech Sphere

As the global tech industry continues to expand, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico has emerged to become one of the leading hubs for companies specialized in Mobile Apps. Some of the companies striving under this region are disrupting traditional industries with their innovative solutions, others are developing platforms that help improve quality of life and productivity. We are going to introduce you to several companies in the Mobile Apps industry whose headquarters are located in Mexico City as part of a series highlighting the thriving tech ecosystem there.

The Mobile Apps industry companies that we have chosen to feature range in their operational sectors, from Fintech, Delivery, Hospitality to Information Technology. While each company operates within the software and mobile applications spectrum, the services and products that they offer are diverse and cater to a myriad of customer needs. Notable founders of these companies have worked tirelessly to bring innovative apps to their respective markets.

Below, we are going to introduce you to ten companies in the Mobile Apps industry whose headquarters are located in Mexico City. Each company, unique in their approach, is transforming traditional industries and improving our lives with the power of technology. We will provide a bio for each of the companies so you can learn more about the great work they are doing.


Founded by Angel Sahagun, albo is the leading Mexican challenger bank, reinterpreting modern banking and technology to help users better manage their money. With a mobile banking app, a banking account, and a Mastercard card, albo provides personalized financial tools to aid its users in making better financial decisions. With such a comprehensive suite, the firm aims to provide a unique and innovative offer in the banking, Fintech, and Mobile Apps industries.


Founded by Kyle Miller and Stephen Hebson, Nelo is a mobile application for financial transactions that began operation in 2019. They’re part of the Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, Mobile Apps, Mobile Payments sector. The innovative mobile app is dedicated to improving the finance industry with user-centric solutions.


Gabriel Roizner, Pablo Klestorny, and Yael Israeli founded Mozper, a pay-card and app designed for kids and parents in Latin America. By enabling parents to give their children an allowance, set spending rules, assign chores, and track saving goals, Mozper has carved out its niche in the Debit Cards, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile Apps, Mobile Payments, Payments sector.


Finvero is a platform that facilitates daily tasks and activities with just a few clicks. Founded in 2021 by Erika Quezada, Mario Hernandez, and Yuri Miroshnichenko, Finvero operates in the Consumer Lending, Financial Services, Fintech, Mobile Apps, and SaaS sectors. It offers credit payments to customers, aiming to increase the average ticket sales for businesses.


Founded by Andrea Illanes, Eduardo Mussali, and Iddar Olivares, wOS is a web3 move-to-earn activity tracking and fitness platform in the Consumer, Fitness, Mobile Apps, Wellness industry, incentivizing people to be active, consistent in workouts, and get rewarded for it.


Dedication to merging smart home technology with premium accommodation has led María del Carmen Herrerías Salazar and Nico Barawid to found Casai. The venture has been disrupting the Apps, Hospitality, Hotel, Mobile Apps, Real Estate industry by providing fully-furnished premium apartments in Mexico City, designed with nomadic generation ideals.

Oliver Pets

Aiming to simplify pet parenting, Gaston Dedieu, Gonzalo Sisack Novillo, and María Nougués founded Oliver Pets, an all-in-one pet care platform. The application integrates all pet services and goods, including quick pet food delivery and convenient pet insurance.


Iván Gómez Martín, Javier Amozurrutia, and Stephaynye Díaz are the brains behind Mazmobi, a marketplace based on the Mobility as a Service model (MaaS) for vehicle sharing. They aim to transition their customers from Fleet Administration to Mobility Administration, working in the Apps, Car Sharing, Information Technology, Marketplace, Mobile Apps, Sharing Economy, Software, Transportation industry.


Klopp, founded by Juan Carlos Sierra and Santiago Sanchez Sierra, takes care of users’ finances while they focus on what’s important to them. Operating in the Billing, Finance, Financial Services, FinTech, Mobile Apps, Personal Finance sector, the company is rebuilding the financial experience from scratch.


Alejandro Cantu Segura founded SkyAlert in the Internet of Things, Mobile Apps, Telecommunications industry. Its technology can notify users about an impending earthquake 120 seconds before the impact, significantly faster than other systems.

América Móvil

América Móvil is Latin America’s largest wireless company and the third-largest wireless provider globally considering equity subscribers. Founded by Carlos Slim, the company operates in the Internet, Mobile, and Mobile Apps industries, providing a variety of wireless voice and data services.

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