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Your Complete Guide To Gaming On Degoogled Android Phones

People who want control over who monitors them often opt for a degoogled phone which prevents their data from being stored by Google. It also stops them from being observed, allowing them to maximize their privacy and freedom as they use their mobile device throughout the day.


Removing Google from a phone set up to run on it can come with some problems and reduced access to features many users may like to access; however, there are ways around this. Read on to find out what exactly a degoogled phone is and how you can access features such as gaming apps and other useful services which Google usually provides on mobile devices.

What is a Degoogled Phone?

A degoogled phone is a standard mobile device that usually runs on Android but has all of the components provided by Google removed. This takes away any involvement of Google on the smartphone, which means you will not be able to access things like the Google Play Store, Google maps, and Gmail, to name a few. This means that you will have to replace these features with third-party equivalents. With Android phones, two components are essential for them to run correctly. First, it has been designed so that the Google phone can run the operating system provided by Android efficiently. It then has all of the Google components and apps already on the mobile phone when you use it for the first time.

With degoogled phones, the operating system from Android is altered to allow other OS to run. Some examples of these include the Calyx operating system and the Graphene operating system. These operating systems are both open source and free to use, meaning anyone in the community can overlook the code that allows it to run. Once your phone is degoogled, your data will no longer be sent to the servers at Google, and you will have control over what is monitored. There will be some features that have been removed from your Android phone that you want to replace, such as the Google Play Store, so here is what you can do to replace them and still play fun gaming apps that are entirely free.

What is F-Droid?


F-Droid is an app that runs similarly to the Google Play Store and will allow you to download and play many amazing apps to still have fun gaming on your mobile phone. What makes F-Droid so unique is that many of the games are created by the users. Because F-Droid is also open source, anyone can review the code and flag up any questionable coding from the game’s developers, keeping the community safe and secure. Here are some of the most popular games you can download on your degoogled phone, and they are also entirely free!


Lexica is a super popular game that you can find on F-Droid, which many people love to play. In this game, there is a square grid filled with different letters, and the aim is to produce as many words as possible from the letters on your screen in two minutes. The more words you create, the higher your score is when the game finishes; simple! The game will save your highest score so you can try and beat it on your next shot. You can compare your scores with your friends and find out who has the biggest vocabulary in your group of friends. There are also several different game modes, so you won’t get bored playing this game. Give it a download and see if you are a master of words.

Frozen Bubble

Frozen Bubble is a super old game that has been around on the Google Play Store for many years. It is a classic mobile game where the goal is to shoot the bubbles with a laser before they reach the bottom of the screen. Although the premise of this game is straightforward, you will find yourself coming back to play it time and time again. Who would have thought shooting balloons on a mobile gaming app could be so satisfying? If you consider yourself a competitive person, then this game will have you trying to beat your high score over and over.


Antimine is a game that essentially mimics the classic game, Minesweeper. There is not much else to say about this game, but if you did enjoy Minesweeper, then you are going to like playing this game.



For all you crossword lovers out there, Forkyz is the perfect game for you found on F-Droid. Forkyz allows you to download and play lots of different crossword puzzles to your heart’s content. The number of crosswords you can play is almost endless, so you will never run out.

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