App Promotion Guide for Successful Marketing

So, you’ve made a really great app.

That is a great start toward promoting your business or selling this app to another company to optimize their sales and customer contact! Now that you have made your app, you have probably realized that you need to market it to customers.

Apps require promotion to rise to the top of the search results, and this is not as simple as mentioning to your friends that you made a cool app that solves a problem. If you want to promote and market your app, you need to use some basic strategies to make sure that people can find your app and take advantage of it.

Read on to learn more about promotion and marketing for your app!

App Promotion Guide for Successful Marketing

Promoting any product requires using the right combination of advertising types to ensure that you make potential customers aware of the application that you have created. It can take months or years to learn all the ins and outs of advertising an app. Thankfully, there are some tried and true strategies that you can use to successfully market your app right from the start.

Implementing even one of these suggestions can make a major impact on your total sales and the space that your app can carve out in its marketing niche.

1.       Guest Posting

Guest posting can be a great way to promote your app through the use of your blog, or your social media pages. Guest posting brings with it the benefit of the blogger’s audience as well as their expertise. Added-value opportunities are always a great way to advertise to potential clients or users because it shows that you are invested in your customers and want to bring them benefits when they buy your product.

Guest posts are a great way to offer another expert’s advice to your customers about your product or a related topic. These kinds of posts create a bond of trust with your client base that you won’t be able to access through traditional ads.

If you need help with sourcing blog post material or help getting connected with guest posters, there are many ways to do this. One of the best ways to do this is to use experts who work on creating this connection for clients for advertising purposes! offers these services to create the momentum that is needed for your app to take off as a huge success!

2.       Create a Landing Page

Landing pages are the means by which people can discover your app and what it can do for you. A quality landing page will deliver interested parties to information about your app, to videos that demonstrate features of your app, and to a link to purchase it so they can use it!

A good landing page will offer information about the app, videos that show what the app can do, and information about which operating systems it can be installed with. You want to make sure that the landing page is attractive, works correctly, and demonstrates the power of your app to your potential clients.

3.       ASO Optimization

Just like SEO’s function with web content, ASO uses key phrases and keywords to make sure that your app comes to the top of the results of each search on google play or other app selling sites. You can use software to help you isolate the right keywords to rank above your competition in app stores, or you can hire someone to do this research for you.

Using the right keywords and key phrases in the details of your app’s description and in the title of the app will make sure that your app will show up at the top of the page when people search for related items. Once you have made sure that the right keywords are in place, make sure that you have nice images and videos for the app so that people will want to buy it.

4.       Try to Get on Apple

Being featured in the Apple App store is a great way to promote your app to a new customer base. If you are able to negotiate to be a featured app, you will show up at the top of searches and will be suggested to users in general ads on the Apple platform.

Being highly visible in the Apple store brings you to the attention of many more customers than you would have access to via the app stores of other companies. You will have to craft a really good pitch to get Apple to agree to promote you as a featured app, but the resulting sales will be worth the effort!

5.       Paid Ads

Facebook is one of the best places to spend money on ads for your new app. Facebook ads are easy to optimize and very flexible to manage. This is a great place to promote apps in particular, and you will be missing out if you don’t leverage these ads to your advantage.

There are many other ways to advertise your app, and you can access these other options as well. Consider how much you want to spend on ads and make sure that you set a strict ad budget so that you don’t overspend on ads that are not performing for your sales goals.

Successfully Marketing Your App Can Be a Piece of Cake!

Creating a marketing plan for your new app can be easy when you start out with a good plan. Do some research about your app and its marketing space before you make any decisions about how to advertise your product to your potential customers.

Guest posting is one of the best opportunities that you can utilize to help promote your app. Make sure to leverage multiple ways of advertising your app to make sure that you connect with all the potential customers out there who might want to buy your app!

Selling an app to your customer base doesn’t have to be a struggle if you use a good strategy!

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