East Brunswick Pioneer Leapdroid: Groundbreaking Innovator in Information Technology Industry

East Brunswick Pioneer Leapdroid: Groundbreaking Innovator in Information Technology Industry

The technological landscape in East Brunswick, New Jersey is vibrant and diverse, with IT companies headquartered here pushing the boundaries in various sectors. They range from cybersecurity to healthcare, document management to robotics, making crucial contributions to their respective industries. In this entry of the Leapdroid series, we take you on a tour of some exceptional IT firms of East Brunswick. Explore their unique specialties, understand their ethos, and get to know their visionary founders!

Let’s embark on this exciting journey, uncover crucial facts about these companies, and understand how they’re reshaping the world of Information Technology. The facts about the companies we will explore are as enthralling as the technology they create. The story of each organization is uniquely inspiring, demonstrating the limitless possibilities within the IT sector.

Each of these companies is an exclamation of innovation, a celebration of adaptability and the embodiment of the IT zeitgeist. Not to mention, they all share a proud home in East Brunswick, New Jersey, becoming a testament to the city’s technological prowess. Get ready to venture into the beating heart of East Brunswick’s software and applications landscape.

Adaptive Systems

Founded by Raj Soni, Adaptive Systems sits firmly in the cybersecurity, Information Technology, and software industry. They have carved a niche with their solutions in data protection, database compliance, data encryption, and information security. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn page and follow them on Twitter @adaptive_sys.


Helmed by Ahmed El-Sayed, Mohamed, and Sherif Sonbol, PEMRS is a healthcare digital technology company that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with their mobile app. They are focused on making sure electronic medical records are easily shareable and secure. The company has an ambitious scope and is looking to become the ‘Facebook of Medicine’. Check them out on Facebook and their LinkedIn page.

Hexaview Technologies Inc.

When it comes to the world of computers, Information Technology, robotics, and software, look no further than Hexaview Technologies Inc. Founders Abhishek Talwar and Ankit Agarwal ensure that economic and business boundaries are pushed. They can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn, or followed on Twitter @hexaviewtech.


OpenSCG, founded by Denis Lussier, brings the open-source revolution to the world of computers, consulting, and Information Technology. With a focus on PostgreSQL, they provide enterprise open source services catering to organizations like Instagram, Skype, and more. Follow them or learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Orbit Healthcare

Adding another dimension to healthcare consultancy and tech, Orbit Healthcare stands tall. While the founders choose not to reveal their identities, their visionary contribution to this domain is evident in their solutions.

Resource Logistics Inc.

With a targeted focus on IT and software, Resource Logistics Inc. is a stronghold in East Brunswick’s tech landscape. Explore more about them on their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter @career_rli and Facebook.

HMG America

HMG America has made a name for itself in the worlds of consulting, IT, marketing, software, and staffing agencies. Through their numerous years of operation, they have accumulated vast expertise in their field of work, making them industry leaders.

Vertex Solutions

Vertex Solutions has been creating ripples in the fields of consulting, IT, software, and staffing agencies. Vertex solutions has a dynamic presence, offering diverse services to a broad spectrum of clients. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Innovative Document Imaging

With a blend of computer technology, digital marketing, document management, Information technology, paper manufacturing, and web hosting, Innovative Document Imaging offers a unique amalgamation of services. Discover their innovative approach on Facebook and LinkedIn.


ESHA IT excels in the realm of Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and staffing agencies. The firm provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to a wide range of businesses, cementing its place in the industry. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter @esha_it, and explore their LinkedIn page.

CATS Technology Solutions Group

CATS Technology Solutions Group is an IT firm that ensures all technological needs are met with precision and efficiency. Their trailblazing approach to technology is defined by their cutting-edge offerings. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter @catstechnology, and LinkedIn

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