Exploring Leapdroid: Allentown’s Pioneer in Advanced Android Emulation Software

Exploring Leapdroid: Allentown’s Pioneer in Advanced Android Emulation Software

In the heart of the Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA is home to a variety of dynamic information technology (IT) companies. These companies are driving forward the field, each specializing in unique areas of software, web and app development, networking, digital transformations, and more. In this article, we will introduce some of the distinct IT companies that have their headquarters in Allentown, showcasing their expertise and contributions to the industry. From food and beverage to finance and insurance, blockchain to aquarium technology, these firms are testimony to the diverse and thriving IT scene in the region.

It is no surprise that Allentown is flourishing in the IT sector. With a rich history in manufacturing and transportation, the city has evolved progressively, endorsing technology and innovation. From startup ventures revolutionizing specific niches to established firms providing comprehensive end-to-end technology solutions, the city has it all. Through this feature, we aim to highlight Allentown’s eclectic mix of IT companies, each poised to make a mark in their respective spheres.

Without further ado, jump in to discover some of the stalwart IT companies operating in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Including their brief company bio’s, links to their social media platforms and, importantly, their contributions to both their industry and the Allentown community.


Founded by Sebastian Serra, Sarbari is a software company focused on serving restaurants and the foodservice industry. Their web-based purchasing software is designed to streamline back-of-the-house operations, enhancing efficiency, and transparency in purchasing, pricing, and product data management. Striving to fulfill their name’s Sicilian origin meaning “to save or conserve”, Sarbari ensures significant savings in labor and food costs for restaurant owners and operators. Sense their presence on @sarbari (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Focused on enabling the digital transformation journey for enterprises, SoftNice, headquartered in Allentown since 2001 offers innovative IT solutions. Specializing in Azure Cloud, Salesforce, Office 365, Business Intelligence, .NET and more, they provide custom software applications for enhanced productivity, continuous improvement, and competitive advantage. Connect with them at Facebook, LinkedIn, or reach out to them on Twitter=@SoftNice_Inc.

Andesa Services, Inc.

From being pioneers in corporate- and bank-owned policy administration, to now providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings for life insurance and annuity carriers and brokers, Andesa Services has come a long way. Leveraging their 30 year expertise, the company founded by John Walker offers integrated policy administration, plan administration, and illustration solutions. Follow them on Twitter at @andesaservices, or connect on LinkedIn.


As an IT solutions provider, integraONE offers a comprehensive range of services including Network Infrastructure, Data Center/Server/Storage solutions, Security Technologies, Unified Communications, Managed Services, and Cloud solutions. Check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter=@integraone.

Trifecta Technologies

Under the leadership of Doug Pelletier, Trifecta Technologies has become a trusted partner for numerous large and mid-market brands. Their solutions focus on enhancing business performance. Stay connected with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter=@trifecta.

Creditsafe USA

A major player in the CRM and IT industry, Creditsafe USA also offers insurance related services. Discover more about their offerings. Follow them on Facebook, and Twitter=@creditsafeusa.


Founded by Denise McCall, BRITech serves in the Financial Services, CRM, IT, and Software industry. Stay updated on their services by following Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter=@britech18109.

EcoTech Marine

Co-founded by Patrick Clasen, EcoTech Marine is revolutionizing aquarium technology. They meticulously engineer their products to enhance the natural beauty of the aquascape. Porsche their social presence on Facebook, and Twitter=@EcoTechMarine.


Under the guidance of founder Eric Grill, ChainBytes is carving a niche in the field of bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Visit them on Facebook, and Twitter=@ChainBytes.

Mack Defense

Mack Defense is an IT company working in the non-profit industry. Stay updated on their offerings on Twitter=@mackdefense.

Inova Technologies

Focuses on cloud computing, consulting, IT, and web design, Inova Technologies provides versatile technology services. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

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