Edinburgh’s Leapdroid: Pioneering Novel Solutions in Software and App Development

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Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is gaining reputation as a hub for information technology companies. The city is home to several noteworthy tech enterprises whose innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies are changing the landscape of their respective industries. This article highlights the following companies that are making remarkable strides in various IT-based sectors.




Founded in 2012 by Harald Haas and Mostafa Afgani, pureLiFi focuses on developing technology for innovative communication networks. The company offers a LiFi device for integrating data and lighting utility infrastructures, converting light beams into electric signals and then back into data. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or on @purelifi on Twitter.




Addressing the complexity and inflexibility of payment systems, Brian Coburn founded BR-DGE with an aim to shift power and control back to merchants. The company has an independent payment orchestration platform to simplify integration and adoption, thus helping merchants build resilience and streamline end-to-end payment experiences. Their relentless efforts have led to the development of a global marketplace that powers billions of transactions. Follow BR-DGE on Facebook, @bridgeorch on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn.




Desana, a venture by Michael Cockburn, Ro Ramtohul, Stephen Ramsay, and Steve Jeans, is a hybrid workspace platform for globally distributed teams. The platform simplifies the process of providing workspace access to employees, regardless of their location. Desana aims to reduce dependency on long-term leases and provide more flexibility to teams. Follow Desana on Facebook, @desanaHQ on Twitter, and LinkedIn.




Adarma, established by David Calder and Nathan Dornbrook, specializes in threat management, data security, and analytics. The company offers a range of products and services, from Vulnerability Management and Monitoring to Managed SOC Services. Learn more about Adarma on their LinkedIn page or their Twitter profile.




The brainchild of Stuart Lunn, LendingCrowd is a fintech lending platform serving the mainland UK. Founded in 2014, LendingCrowd uses cutting-edge tech to connect businesses with its community of individual and institutional lenders. Stay updated with LendingCrowd by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.




Specializing in Natural Language Processing for Financial Services, Aveni is an award-winning technology company founded by Alexandra Birch, Barry Haddow, Jamie Hunter, and Joseph Twigg. The company’s proprietary NLP pipeline extracts context from customer conversations to deliver a range of transformative product features.
Get in touch with Aveni on @Aveni_AI on Twitter or LinkedIn.




Founded in 2007 by Bertrand Revenaz and Gary Davis, Ecometrica is an environmental SaaS business helping governments and businesses identify risks and opportunities. The company turns the growing streams of observational data into actionable insights using geospatial intelligence and mapping applications. Follow Ecometrica on Facebook, @ecometrica on Twitter, and LinkedIn.




Brought to life by Benjamin Dell and Robert Gelb, HeySummit seeks to transform engagement, conversions, and revenue for online summits. Based in Edinburgh, this platform empowers virtual events around the globe. Stay updated with HeySummit by following them on Facebook, and LinkedIn.




Founded by Matthew Lanham, GeckoEngage offers two products both focused on freeing HigherEd teams to focus on high-impact activities. Its platform allows institutions to communicate with students one-to-one and at scale, using their customizable bots. Follow GeckoLabs on Facebook, @geckoengage on Twitter, and LinkedIn.




Founded in 2018, BTP focuses on ensuring asset trustworthiness using digital provenance. The company created Chronicle, a product that records and queries immutable provenance information about any asset across multiple parties. Connect with BTP on @blockchaintp on Twitter, or LinkedIn.




With a mission to support the world’s biggest brands in better managing their clients’ time, Leah Hutcheon founded Appointedd in 2011. This award-winning online booking and scheduling solution transforms online booking into a fast and flexible system. Stay up-to-date by following Appointedd on Facebook, @appointedd on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


In conclusion, these Edinburgh-based IT companies contribute significantly to their respective industries, setting a benchmark for innovation and development while offering solutions to unique challenges.

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