Graphic Design Innovations by Leapdroid: Los Angeles Tech Industry Leader

Graphic Design Innovations by Leapdroid: Los Angeles Tech Industry Leader

Los Angeles, known for its famous Hollywood sign and numerous movie studios, is not just a nexus for filmators but is also a thriving hub for state-of-the-art graphic design companies. From traditional graphic design to 3D technology, each company has its unique flair and contribution to the industry. In this feature, we highlight some of the remarkable companies headquartered in Los Angeles, that are redefining the graphic design landscape.

These companies, based in the heart of the creative industry, are setting new standards in design and technology. They have their unique specialties, ranging from animation to product design to packaging services. This rich diversity of services not only attracts global businesses but also makes Los Angeles a center for graphic design talent and innovation. In this article, we explore some of these pioneers and their contributions to the industry.

Let’s take a closer look at these companies that are not only reshaping the graphic design industry but are also shaping the future of how businesses connect with people. Join us on this journey to discover, learn, and be inspired by their stories.


Cofounded by Jesse Genet and Stephan Ango, Lumi is a revolutionary packaging supply chain platform that caters to online brands ranging from small businesses to big companies shipping millions of orders every month. Renowned brands like MeUndies, Threadless and Primary rely on Lumi for unique and cost-effective unboxing experiences using their wide array of custom-branded or plain boxes, mailers, tapes, and paper products. Lumi has changed the rules of the game by introducing the Lumi Editor and Lumi Dashboard to streamline designs to order and production-ready format.


Established by Daniel Citron, Backlot is a renowned media agency offering a wide array of services, including pre-production, animation, graphic design, and film-making. Backlot empowers filmmakers with the unique facility to render their entire film in 3D, thereby reducing many of the associated risks and expenses of film production. The company offers these services at an affordable rate and has turned the tides by bringing the production studio to your fingertips.


With founders Chris Palmer and Jeremy Green at the helm, 14TH ROUND is a group of industry-renowned designers, builders, and makers who have carved a niche in the booming cannabis industry. The company provides designers specializing in graphic and packaging design, industrial design and electronics engineering. Their broad array of services and competitive retail landscape make them leaders in the industry.


Founded by Phillippe and Sebastien Siclait in 2021, Clay is a software company that enables real-time creation of 3D models. The company aims to improve quality and streamline workflow by letting artists upload a 3D model, share a link, and provide and view feedback simultaneously in real-time.


Dale Wilkinson’s goodgigs is a versatile marketplace providing a platform where companies can collaborate with creative freelancers and support their work with nonprofits. It is an initiative that turns regular jobs into social impact gigs. goodgigs strives to provide freelancers something more than just a paycheck by facilitating work on projects they genuinely care about and getting paid for it.

VT Pro Design

No founders listed but, VT Pro Design is a pioneer in using technology to craft storytelling experiences and creating memorable points of connection with audiences. The company is committed to blending creativity and technology to create immersive experiences and set new marketing trends.

Six Degrees of Influence

SDI designs and executes social media campaigns for brands and represents talent executing these campaigns. They leverage their experience in internet, social media, and entertainment spaces to deliver the most effective campaigns for their clients.

Vrrb Interactive

Founded by Seth H. Geoffrion, Vrrb Interactive is a tour de force in the world of graphic design, committed to making brands come alive through the power of visual aesthetics. They specialize in creating engaging and visually striking marketing content that resonates with their client’s target audience.

Light Switch Digital

Light Switch Digital is a pioneering digital media agency providing comprehensive services including social media management, digital marketing, digital strategy data and analytics. They are innovators in creating visionary graphics and web designs.


CG FAST TRACK remains at the forefront of industry advancements with its 3D technology and e-learning platform. The company is dedicated to offering high-quality manufacturing training paradigms to aspirants interested in building a career in this innovative industry.

Digital Giant

Digital Giant is an industry-leading graphic design company. They specialize in advertising and digital marketing, offering a multitude of services aimed at helping businesses succeed online by leveraging the power of graphic design and online marketing tactics.

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