Exploring Leapdroid: Czech Republic’s Leading Light in Mobile App Development

Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, is a crucial center for electronics manufacturing and software development. Boasting an array of vibrant companies in the industry, each with its own unique story and vision, Brno is constantly generating cutting-edge technologies. Today, we spotlight some of these innovative businesses calling the dynamic city of Brno their home.

Competing globally, these companies are harnessing the potential of digital technology and advanced electronics to transform a variety of landscapes – from consumer goods to industrial automation, e-commerce, and beyond. They constitute a vibrant ecosystem of tech resiliency and creativity in the heart of Central Europe.

What makes this setting truly unique is its evident symbiosis between tech advancement and the preservation of a traditional, historical urban fabric. This simultaneous embrace of the new and respect for the old nurtures a particularly fertile technology innovation environment. Let’s delve into the profiles of these exceptional companies.


Founded by Marek Vala, Pealock operates in Consumer Goods, Electronics, InsurTech, Retail Technology, and SaaS. Their niche is providing electronic locks for sports equipment such as bikes, skis, and e-scooters. In addition, their app incorporates a pay-as-you-go insurance option for the secured equipment. You can follow their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.


T-Trading is an E-Commerce company specializing in Electronics, Sales, and Trading Platforms. As a significant online commerce player, they haven’t provided a business description. However, their services and information can be sought on Facebook.

EM Brno

Envisioned as a heavyweight in Electronics, Industrial Automation, Industrial Engineering, and Manufacturing, EM Brno hasn’t indicated a business description, but they maintain online presence through their Facebook account.


Senzoor operates in the Electronics, Security, and Sensor sectors. Specializing in the development, manufacture, and testing of smart sensory devices, they offer cloud-based services to clients. Their known products include various sensor-based security apparatus. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more.


In the E-Commerce, Electronics, and Mobile industry is the company MOBILMAX. Information about their specific operations isn’t available, but they can be found on Facebook.


As a major player in the Electronics, Industrial, and Industrial Automation sectors, ADTEC has chosen not to publicly state a business description. However, you can learn more about their organization by visiting their official website.


Abbas marks its unique footprint in the Electronics, Retail, and Security industry. For further information about their business activities, you can visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


A tech startup, NenoVision is involved in Advanced Materials, Electronics, Life Science, Nanotechnology, and the Semiconductor sectors. Their revolutionary product – an atomic force microscope designed for integration into scanning electron microscopes – expands present electron microscopy capabilities to yield 3D images with their novel CPEM technology. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles for more.

MORAVIA Consulting

Established in the Electronics, Retail, and Service Industry, MORAVIA Consulting hasn’t provided a business description. For more details about their activities, feel free to visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Otto DIY

In the dynamic sectors of Consumer Electronics, Robotics, and Software, Otto DIY marks its presence without publicly stating a business description. They are active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for further information.


PanConnect stands out in the Electrical Distribution, Electronics, and Manufacturing industry by designing and producing electric panels for multiple settings. For further details about their range of products and services, their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts can be visited.

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