Leapdroid: Pioneering Online Portal Innovation from Dallas, Texas Headquarters

Leapdroid: Pioneering Online Portal Innovation from Dallas, Texas Headquarters

As the digital age evolves, the world continues to witness remarkable advancements every day. One such ecosystem that has thrived remarkably in this age is the online portals industry. From travel, e-commerce, predictive analytics to public relations platforms, this industry is diversifying and revolutionizing various sectors. As part of our series on the online portals industry, today we focus on companies making significant strides in this sector with their headquarters based in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas, known for its sterling commercial history, naturally fosters the growth of a dynamic business portfolio. It is home to some of the most innovative companies leading the evolution in the online portals industry. The city’s vibrant technology sector has contributed to Texas being named the second top state for tech sector employment in the US.

In the spotlight today are some of Dallas’s standout companies, contributing significantly to the world of online portals, and shaping the future of this industry.

Global Threads LLC

Founded in 2015 by Kyle McAllister, Global Threads is a unique blend of manufacturing and online portals, with a touch of predictive analytics. This Dallas based company designs and manufactures customized apparel for customers across the globe. The company’s leveraging of advanced technology and analytics in delivering quality delivers a unique approach to the world of textile and apparel manufacturing. For more updates, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


Led by TK Stohlman, FanTree has been bridging the gap between fans and their favorite athletes, teams, and brands since 2012. FanTree’s online platform focuses on social media, e-commerce, and online portals to create connections that empower sports communities. They also operate a group deals website called Check more about the company on Facebook and Twitter.

Founded by Bob Diener and David Litman, is revolutionizing the travel and hotel industry. The company offers rates significantly lower than other platforms for major cities worldwide. The company’s mission is to be a reliable resource for travelers in search of the best lodging at the best values. Follow on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates.

Inspire More

Founded by the Neely brothers, Inspire More is a platform for positivity and inspiration. Rooted in information services, news, online portals, and publishing, it is making waves in Dallas with its innovative approach to content. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep yourself inspired.


LenderX is a software company that has crafted a platform that conducts and manages appraisals, communication, invoicing, tracking, and borrower delivery effortlessly. Geared towards everyday functionalities, LenderX seamlessly complements existing business operations. Follow LenderX’s endeavors on LinkedIn.


Vision2 is an IT company working to improve stewardship and donations within the church community. Offering a comprehensive platform supporting web, text, and mobile giving, Vision2 is enhancing the digital experience for church-goers, establishing its place in online portals, event management, and information services industry. Follow Vision2 on their journey through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Peacock Alley

Peacock Alley is a luxury bedding and bath lines provider that blends the physical world of textiles with online portals and e-commerce. From blankets, bed pillows, to bath towels – they have an extensive online portfolio. Follow Peacock Alley on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more updates.

KISS PR Story Newswire

Founded by Qamar Zaman, KISS PR Story Newswire is paving the way for brand storytelling in the world of PR. By leveraging online portals, news, SEO, and the power of storytelling, KISS PR assists businesses in reaching their potential. Follow KISS PR on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay in the loop with their tales.

Core Personnel

Core Personnel is a company providing solutions in the recruitment and staffing industry, leveraging the power of online portals to connect employees and employers. For further information and updates, follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn. is a comprehensive portal for travel nursing jobs, information and community. It reshapes the world of healthcare staffing by connecting hospitals with qualified nurses through the power of online portals and mobile apps. Stay in touch with over Facebook and Twitter.

Outsourcing Center

Outsourcing Center acts as a bridge connecting buyers and providers of outsourcing. Leveraging online portals, the company has established a comprehensive database that helps businesses boost their performance and return on investment. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates.

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