Exploring Leapdroid: Innovative Mobile Apps Powerhouse from Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, located in the Masovian Voivodeship, with a growing recognition as an established hub for tech startups in the Central Europe, is becoming home to several renowned mobile application companies. These companies are revolutionizing their respective industries with groundbreaking solutions that are feasible, user-friendly, and effective. We are highlighting some of these inspiring companies in this article, providing information about their origin, mission, and products.

These companies are not only excelling in their field of work but are also contributing to the city’s growth and reputation. They have shaped new possibilities for upcoming entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts in the city by showing them that starting up is possible and can lead to contributing significantly to the industry.

They are venturing into diverse industries, from Healthcare and Wellness to Consumer Electronics and sharing economy, making great strides and carving a niche for themselves. This article will provide a peek into their exciting journeys and where they stand today.


Founded by Wojciech Wójtowicz, Wojtek Rokosz, and Karol Klimas, Plenti operates in the Consumer Electronics, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Mobile Apps and Sharing Economy industry. They firmly believe in access over ownership. Plenti exponentially increases the users’ openness to innovations at a lower cost and allows people with frequent mobility to have undisturbed access to their favourite devices. Be it addressing storage issues or reconciling consumption with environmental concerns, Plenti is a solution. Connect with them on Twitter at @goplenti, on Facebook page here, or via LinkedIn here.


HomeDoctor, founded by Szymon Horaczuk, is a pioneer in the Health Care, Medical, Mobile Apps, and Wellness industry. They provide a convenient and quick method of communicating with a doctor via home visits and teleconsultations. Find insightful information about them on their LinkedIn page here.

MultiWash | CarWash App

Founded by Tom Czerniejewski, MultiWash caters to B2B, Marketplace, Mobile Apps, Subscription Service and Transportation industry. They have successfully teamed up with 700+ car washes in Poland to provide eco-friendly subscription plans for companies via their mobile app. Connect with them on their Facebook page here, or via LinkedIn here.


Established by Andrzej Dobrucki and Mikołaj Skubina, Timeqube is a cube-shaped light-emitting device disrupting the Electronics and Mobile Apps industry. Timeqube visualizes time in a unique, mindful, and minimalistic way, significantly changing the dynamics of meetings. Follow them on Twitter at @Timeqube_HQ, on their Facebook page here, or via LinkedIn here.


bNesis, co-founded by Denys Kirin and Dmitry Norenko, is an innovative hub in the Developer APIs, Mobile Apps, PaaS industry. With bNesis, banks receive a ready-to-use credit application platform, which saves time and money on integrations and their support. Connect with them on Twitter at @bNesis, their Facebook page here, or via LinkedIn here.


HUGO, founded by Dawid Winiarski, allows users to train, analyze fitness and health data of their dogs via an app. Visit their LinkedIn page here for more information.

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