Leapdroid: Revolutionizing the Tech Industry from Abuja’s IT Hub

Leapdroid: Revolutionizing the Tech Industry from Abuja’s IT Hub

In recent years, the Information Technology industry in Nigeria has been growing in leaps and bounds, giving birth to creative and innovative startups. Headquartered in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, these companies brilliantly integrate modern technology, breakthrough innovation, and unique implementation method in the AgTech, financial services, health care, and other sectors. This article spotlights some of these trailblazers in Nigerian IT Industry.

This is the capital city of Nigeria and it is only logical that it has an active technology ecosystem. In the city, start-ups are springing up every now and then in a bid to solve the everyday problems Nigerians face. There are also many tech conferences and meetups happening in the city constantly for developers to network and learn.

In this series, we have taken the time to put together profiles of some of the most interesting IT companies headquartered in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Without further ado, let’s dive in!


Founded by Ayodeji Arikawe and Uka Eje, ThriveAgric is a leading AgricTech company focused on connecting smallholder farmers with finance, premium markets, and data-driven advice. With core values rooted in technology and agriculture, ThriveAgric aims to democratise agricultural participation and contribute to global food security. Their innovative crowdfunding platform,, is transforming the sector and giving farmers access to life-changing resources. This start-up is backed by notable companies such as Telefonica’s Wayra, Ventures platform, Ycombinator and Google’s Launchpad. Follow them on Facebook or Linkedin for updates.

Sigma Pensions

Sigma Pensions, led by Umaru Modibbo, broke the mold by handling private pensions in Nigeria in compliance with the Pension Reform Act (PRA), which is supervised by the National Pension Commission (PenCom). They are transforming the financial services sector by providing top-notch customer service and leveraging Information Services. Stay updated with them on Facebook or Linkedin.


Adeline Okoh and Ayodele Adeyemo co-founded PneumaCare with a mission to reimagine healthcare delivery in Africa through a data-driven, patient-centric and relationship-based model. PneumaCare offers free telemedicine and on-demand house calls. Follow them on Facebook for their latest services and initiatives.

Rural Farmers Hub

A venture of Gabriel Eze and Segun Adegun, Rural Farmers Hub is helping farmers with advisory services driven by satellite-based remote imagery. The company is committed to driving sustained economic development among smallholder farmers through information technology. Stay updated with them on Facebook or Linkedin for more information.

Maocular Tech Expert

Founded by Akinwumi Michael, Maocular Tech Expert specializes in ICT Consultancy and Contracting. They provide impressive tech business support services focused on hardware, software, and allied fields as they prioritize quality, innovation, and speed. Follow them on Facebook for more about their award-winning designs and services.


Established by Dimgba Kalu and Emmanuel Enemakwu in 2016, projaro is a technology solution provider with a zeal for building for the next billion users. They are creating a new wave of innovators and thinkers who are changing the world with technology. Check them on Linkedin to learn more.


Co-founded by Abdulkadir Suleiman, Tespire is an EdTech company making significant contributions to the IT industry in Nigeria. Stay updated with them on Facebook for updates.


Under the capable leadership of Tijesuni Eyiowuawi, Kategorized is an online marketplace that offers hassle-free online selling solutions for individuals and businesses. They have notably automated every delivery service to ensure smooth customer experience.

Ox Techroom

Ox Techroom is an ICT firm that provides a wide range of ICT solutions such as web design, digital marketing, mobile app development, and more. They ensure excellent service delivery while tackling key tech problems. Follow them on Facebook for updates.

Galaxy Backbone

Galaxy Backbone is a tech company that specializes in consulting, data center management, government projects, Information Technology and web hosting. Ensuring smooth operations and efficient service delivery is their daily commitment. Stay updated with them on Facebook for their latest services and initiatives., founded by Lucky Apeh, combines real estate and IT to help clients achieve their shelter needs. They have established themselves as a tech hub in the construction and real estate sectors. Follow them on Facebook to learn more about their unique offerings.

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